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Wisdom and the Seven Innate Powers – Will


The Power of Will, which is the third innate power of Wisdom, is the power that we need to open up to, now more than ever. Why you might ask?  The answer is because of the condition of our world, especially the U.S, and humanity's state of consciousness. The Power of Will is where the "wisdom-leader" lives and presently we each need to find that wisdom-leader and call her forth. The Wisdom leader is one who can take action and lead from the inside out, or in other words, leads us from heart Wisdom. Some of the attributes of the Power of Will are: courage, inventiveness, bravery, strategy, logic, self-government, problem solving, resourcefulness, etc.

This power can be seen as your yellow rose in the crystal vase. I am encouraging you to spend time opening your yellow rose through meditation, allowing this power to flow abundantly into your life. This substantial power and its attributes are needed to propel us through this dense and dangerous collective consciousness of fear that is forming around us right now because of the great changes that are upon us. I encourage you to pray and mediate daily, opening more and more to your innate Power of Will and the wisdom-leader within.

Minute by minute, the mass media is adding fuel to the blazing fire of the collective consciousness, which is disturbed over the "turbulent waters" of the world, especially in regard to the financial condition of the United States and to the presidential election. The media perpetuates an already panicky consciousness that has lost faith in itself, religion, belief systems, governments, education, "so called" leaders, techniques, technology, people, etc. The systems have all failed and so has the old consciousness of fear and greed. This fear and greed must "pass away" and evolve to a higher frequency if we want the transformation in our world that so many speak about.

Because of the present nature of the news-negativity-the media actually not only perpetuates the issues at hand, it create issues that would not otherwise exist. Subsequently, those who are not living within their heart Wisdom, add their own fantasies, fears, and illusions to the "one mind" we call the collective consciousness, and consequently, will create and manifest those worst fears into reality. You are about to witness this happening in the near future, and now is the time for you to go deeply into your heart's Wisdom and ask for help with opening to the wisdom-leader within-"your power of will"-and  let your authentic voice be heard in a powerful, strong, yet peaceful way. Yes, we can be powerful, strong and peaceful all at the same time. This is called the peaceful warrior; a person who takes a stand without being negative. There is nothing wrong with saying "I don't think so" or "I've had enough" or "no thank you" or "this is the way I see it, blah blah blah." Speaking your words with power and wisdom will create the much needed change that everyone is talking about, but few are truly doing anything about. This is not a time to be passive and afraid to speak your Wisdom. I do not believe that we should be in denial of "whatz goin' on" in our backyards, so we must speak up, yet we must not add explosive energy to the flames of the media. Now is the time to speak our heart's Wisdom about worldly matters and concerns with our country, if we truly want change. We must not hold back our wisdom words, while others speak their mind. We must speak our truth without projecting negativity and take a stand for Wisdom.

When speaking out or taking a stand, what doesn't work is "losing your cool" and allowing your ego to take control of your mind, instead of allowing your heart to speak words of Wisdom through your mouth. Once you become negative, you lose the battle, so to speak. Remember that your heart will never let you speak negatively, but when you do get into your ego mind, as soon as you have some awareness, STOP, and place your hand on your heart, to become centered, and begin again. And if you are in a situation where you cannot place your hand directly on your heart to get centered and grounded, then drop your consciousness or mind-set into your heart center and take a deep breath. This will work too.

Be sure to open to your heart Wisdom before speaking and you will be in Her flow. Every word that comes out of your mouth will be healing and helpful to others, instead of the antithesis. Being passive and not stepping up to the plate and speaking your heart's wisdom is not only suicide for your own body and soul – it is harmful for your millions of other souls. So, do you really want to make a difference, or are you just saying that because it makes you feel good for the moment? Go out and take a stand and speak Wisdom. Be that hero leader that lives within.

The only way to not "get caught up" into what the media is saying is to live from your heart. By focusing on your hearts' center and allowing your yellow rose, the Power of Will, to open wider and wider during each meditation, you will be able to clearly see the possibilities of the "New Earth" Eckhart Tolle writes about in his latest book, with that same title.

It is paramount for aware beings to keep balance and stability during this world change. As your day is tossed about on life's sea, remain calm by always going directly to your heart's center and living from that vantage point. Teach others to do the same, for Goddess sake, so that they too may remain calm during the storm!

We are preparing collectively, as humanity, to make a monumental shift in awareness, or consciousness, as significant as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of Russia. The question is, will we make the choice to grow, evolve, and shift as a collective consciousness-called Americans-or will we repeat the tired and worn out lessons of the past once again?

Each one of us can make a difference by going into our hearts and sending Wisdom Leadership to our brothers and sisters all over the world. We each must look inside ourselves for the New America, the new world, the new consciousness, that we can create. We must give birth to a higher consciousness that has been rising through ignorance for eons, and now presents Itself to each one of us and says "are you ready to say yes to a higher way of being?"

For years I have watched aware beings step back and not take a stand, then complain later about how they wished they would have taken action. I have asked myself why many times. If we believe in a better world and want to be a part of creating it, then we must "stand-up" for a higher consciousness to develop within our world.

I charge you to call forth the wisdom-leader within you and follow the path of your yellow rose. Decide right now to not only make a difference, but BE the difference and get out and vote and encourage others to do likewise!

It is about time that we speak up! What will you do?
Next week, we will discuss the Power of Will again-this time in the form of the Greek Goddess Athena- and how she works in your life as a wise goddess.  

Live Your Wisdom,

Wisdom Goddess Bev

© AW 2009, Revised © AW 2010

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