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It took years for me to fathom; people have the power and giftedness to bless each other. I used to believe, only people of the cloth had this unique power. Along my life’s journey, I discovered all people have the intrinsic power to bless.

Regrettably most of us only bless on a superficial level. When a person sneezes, we automatically give our blessings. Our natural response to ACHOO, is to say, “bless you.” Ironically, we neither recognize nor exercise our innate power to bless outside of a sneeze.

Whether we characterize “bless you” as a habit developed during childhood or proper etiquette, the acknowledgment of the power of those two simple words has been lost. Few of us take this gift and power of blessing seriously.

We are Children of the Most High and have Spirit dwelling within. This makes us mighty beings and the power to bless is only one of our many endowments…

In the Christian Bible, Jesus said, “You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High.” Many people love and believe in Jesus’ words. Yet, they seldom own their heritage and walk in the authority Jesus speaks about. Utilizing our power to bless each other with purpose and intention seems to be expected from heaven. And here we are simply using this magnificent power to bless a sneeze. 

Why were we given such a gift, if we are not going to use it? Do we not believe that we have the power, the right, or the ability to bless? Are we subconsciously intimidated with such responsibility?

Regardless of what you think or believe…you have immeasurable power inside of you. Life needs your blessings. There’s nothing you can’t bless: your food, the people you love and care about, the environment, local and national businesses, state and federal governments – all need your blessings. Are you ready to start using this transforming dynamism that is waiting for your direction?

A Principle of the Universe is what we give out we get back. It stands to reason that since we are all connected and live together on this small, blue/green planet…what we give out will eventually come back to us. The fact is, when we bless another we are in reality blessing ourselves. How is that for a revelation? What a Universe! What a plan. As we help one another we help ourselves. “Cool,” as my four grandsons would say! We are the beneficiaries of our own outgoing blessings.

Do you think this is too “airy fairy”? You’ll have to take that up with the Most High, because I did not endow you with this power; I am only reminding you of it.

Bless you!

Wisdom Challenge

Instead of focusing on the down side of current events, why not bless them for a better outcome? Instead of complaining and being part of the problem, why not bless obstacles until they transform? See how many people you can bless today. Pay attention to the look on each face. Let me know how inspired and energized you become from taking on this challenge.

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