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Defining Wisdom or Sophia…

When presenting seminars (across the nation) on the subject of embracing one’s wisdom or inner goddesses, immediately most participants believe I am referring to a traditional or conventional wisdom.They believe I am alluding to some kind of ancient knowledge, which has been recorded on stone tablets or papyrus scrolls or passed from teacher to student through the ages.  Many assume wisdom comes through anointed spiritual teachers who are spoken to directly by God or from enlightened beings, who channel information from the “other world.” 

As I move further into my presentation, the audience begins to understand I am not referring to the dictionary’s definitions of wisdom or goddesses. Instead, I am referring to something rather grand and extraordinary; an inner wisdom which constantly and consistently flows from The Sacred to Its entire creation. This living wisdom is ever present for each one of us and readily available to guide us to live our soul’s dreams of whom and what we truly are.
The ancient Greeks called this extraordinary inner wisdom, Sophia, defined as “feminine understanding,” or Goddess Wisdom.  These ancient people knew authentic wisdom came directly from The Sacred Source and all creation was imbued with this inner knowing. They knew Wisdom was not a stale piece of information, rather a living energy that inspired and empowered people to live a life divinely guided.
It is easy to differentiate feminine wisdom, The Sophia, from traditional wisdom.  Goddess Wisdom is a living intelligence that benefits not only humans, but also every life source. Authentic Wisdom is good not only for the one who seeks it, but the world as a whole.
Through the years, the term, Sophia, became known as “gnosis”, the Greek word for complete under­standing. Sophia…heart or inner wisdom, is a loving, living, compassionate, knowing intelligence. It flows from The Sacred to guide all creation for its highest potential.
Wisdom is always fresh, practical and at times profound.  She is fluid, spontaneous, and Omni-present. As we learn to use our innate Goddess Wisdom, we become more confident realizing it is natural, accurate, and should be trusted.
Sophia is beyond the reasoning mind. Once we open to this innate wisdom, our lives are guided moment by moment and we live a very different life. Embracing our inner wisdom or goddesses allows us to walk a life of wholeness, aliveness, richness and knowingness. This is true self-empowerment! We are permanently inspired and empowered when we accept our wisdom.
We only need to step out of our whirl­wind lives, center in our hearts and be still for a few minutes daily to connect to Wisdom.  Once we become quiet, our natural wisdom can be easily felt, heard, known, and sometimes even seen. Wisdom is a whole body experience! When we know; our entire being knows. Sophia is always present waiting for our recognition and acceptance to live the bigger life.
Goddess Wisdom, The Sophia, does not just belong to women; all beings are born with access to Her through their heart’s door. However, Wisdom’s quintessence is feminine thus the reason for the reference Goddess! (Quintessence: the most perfect embodiment of something)

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  1. Mel Deardorf

    And yet again you bless and sing my heart song back to me.  My heartfelt gratitude is boundless.  I have been looking for this and now I have found it as a gift from you.  I stopped by the office to see you – maybe 60 days ago- and was told you had moved your office home.   It would be wonderful if we could talk.  Send me an email.    Blessings and love to you and George.    As ever,  Mel/AyiL

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