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The Gift in Giving When Things Go Awry

My cell phone rang. It was Liz, a business friend. Liz was concerned about my welfare, because she knew I was experiencing some difficulties personally.

As expected, she began the call by asking how I was doing. After a few minutes, the conversation changed directions. To my surprise, Liz wanted to bless me with a generous gift. At first, I was taken aback and declined the offer. “Really?” was my initial response, as if she did not mean it.

Being the beautiful soul that she is, Liz responded, “Oh no, I really want to gift this to you. Please take it.” There was such love in her voice, that my heart opened up and I was able to accept her generosity. (Receiving is still something I am working on.) When we hung up the phone, I danced a jig in honor of the gift I received and the lovely being who gave it to me.

Liz blessed me with a needed luxury. I pondered… does the Universe bring to us not only the things we need, but even things to pamper ourselves? Hmm…, I wondered for a few minutes and then embraced my gift. Of course, the Universe wants us to pamper ourselves… which few of us women ever do.

A few days passed before I could take advantage of Liz’s offer. With anticipation, I drove to her business to accept my gift. During the visit, Liz explained “the why” behind the gifting. I was not prepared for the conversation that followed.

The day before calling me, Liz learned that her precious three-year-old daughter was physically challenged. This was devastating news. And, as the day turned to night, Liz found herself unable to sleep – her heart shattered into millions of pieces. Liz was riddled with that sick, deep, ache that only a mother can feel after learning about her child’s condition from the physician.

The next morning Liz was feeling pretty low and began beating herself up for not noticing her daughter’s physical condition.

These feelings of guilt led to Liz feeling sorry for herself and evolved into a full-blown “pity party”. (Those are her words not mine.) Next, she had some tough talks with the Universe/Spirit – repeatedly asking the proverbial question, “why me?” Exhausted and emotionally spent, Liz needed some relief… even if temporary.

Giving herself a swift, metaphorical, kick in the booty, Liz remembered her personal remedy for healing. She began thinking about people in her life who were dealing with more challenging situations than her own. Something within Liz changed. Suddenly, she picked up the phone and called the people on her heart, for the sole purpose of gifting them. She gifted people until she began to feel better and could be grateful for her life with all of its joy and pain.

The more Liz gave the more clarity she received. Gratitude ran throughout her entire being. Liz took the opportunity to help others alleviate some of their great pain through unconditional giving.

Liz shared with me that her gifting was completely selfish because this was how she helped herself. Liz thought in the end that she gave nothing away and gained everything; she gained insight, wisdom and peace by being generous…even when she did not feel like it.

I believe that Liz’s ability to see the struggles of others and give in spite of her personal challenges opened doors for her family. One such door came in the form of a surgeon- the surgeon who unexpectedly was able to perform a successful surgery on her daughter.

I share this heartwarming story with you because Liz knows about a powerful gift that we all can use. When she feels down or something goes awry, Liz starts giving until she feels good again. She understands that life is circular and the more she gives the more she receives.

Liz gave unconditionally and this is one of the secrets of life. She gave without expectation of anything in return. The Universe gave her the ultimate gift…healing for her daughter. Call it luck or call it using the Divine Principles of the Universe, that’s up to you.

I hope Liz’s story blesses you as much as it has blessed everyone with whom I have shared it with. If you like this story, feel free to pass it on. We all can learn from Liz’s heart wisdom.

Wisdom Challenge

Call someone and gift them right now…whether you are having a down day or not. Even a caring phone call to ask sincerely “how are you?” is really a beautiful gift. I challenge you to make giving a part of your life daily. 

4 Responses to “The Gift in Giving When Things Go Awry”

  1. Lacie

    Bev, this is beautiful and so are you 🙂 Thanks for helping to spread this wisdom.

  2. Michelle Hill

    I Love to give my stuff away. Whenever I find someone who needs something I already own and am no longer using I pass it on to them for free. It makes my heart feel good to know that I'm helping someone out  and it also helps me clean out the "clutter" in my home…so it ends up being a "win-win" situation. 
    The most important thing is that it helps me to feel good that I could help someone who was in need. The glow I feel in my heart is priceless.

  3. Leisa Hammett

    This was/is inspiring. Thanks for putting into words my experience. This has motivated me to do more.

  4. Jack Pyle

    I moved out of my house recently to share a home that was already full of furniture. I stored what I wanted to keep in a 10×10 square foot storage unit and started giving away to Goodwill for resale, to my family and friends, sold some on Craig's list, and generally let go. It was fun feeling the memories of stuff, then letting them go, too. It is amazing what a person can hold onto during 24 years in a home. I love to share my abundance with others. I wrote about my experience at my website blog: "Letting go…of stuff." Next blog post will be "Letting go…of emotions." When I let go I feel free and less encumbered. It is a great feeling.

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