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Lasting Empowerment

Becoming aware of our authentic self, our soul, and listening to our heart wisdom for guidance is lasting empowerment. There is no other way to have constant empowerment. I learned this one morning during quiet time. I had an epiphany that many spiritual teachers talk about.  Let me share with you what was revealed to meabout lasting empowerment…

This may not be an easy concept to grasp but it is true.  Believing we have the innate ability to commune with our individual soul, the Sacred Spirit of the Universe, and receive wisdom for our ordinary lives may seem preposterous; however it is not. When we become still and listen to our soul through the portal of our heart, we wake up to Reality with a capital “R”. We get to see who we really are and learn how to live our individual lives. We discover constant empowerment and inspiration.
Many faiths, philosophies, and religions teach us to ask Spirit to come into our heart, to guide and support right decision-making. This is an important process and empowering action.  I believe asking Spirit to come into our hearts is the same as connecting and listening to our heart wisdom and soul.
We each are sacred and special and have this incredible capability to connect to the wisdom of the universe. We even are created to receive personal wisdom for our lives. Ponder that. How often do we take the time to connect to our personal wisdom before rushing out the door to live our insanely stressful lives?
Self-empowerment must be an individual and personal mission. It is up to us to self-empower by connecting to our heart wisdom. No one can empower us, nor can we empower another. We need only to point the way to others. Enduring self-empowerment comes by having a conversation with our real self, our soul.
You do not have to make self-empowerment difficult and living from your heart complicated. All you need to do is lay aside time daily to connect to your wisdom.  Simply place your hands over your heart center to allow your heart and mind to sync or speak. This only takes a few minutes. YES! It is as simple as that. So… why don’t more of us do it?  I believe because it is too simple.
Ask yourself, can I spare a few minutes to allow peace, harmony, guidance, joy, love, insight, vitality, and renewal into my life or is it easier to continue down the stressful path I am on?  It is your choice.
Take some time daily this week to pause and be still, if for only a few minutes. I promise you that your life will begin to change from chaos to peace. And when you find yourself in a stressful situation, stop and place your hands over your heart. Remain focused inwardly, take a deep breath, and exhale completely. Peace and clarity will follow. I promise you this works.
I have been utilizing my heart wisdom for many years.  When you tune into YOUR heart wisdom, you tap into lasting empowerment and living an empowered life. This simple, yet profound, action will save you a great deal of time and eliminate many stressful situations as you begin to live the life you were intended to live. You have everything to gain and a lot of stress to release.

Wisdom Challenge:

This week, take a few minutes each morning to connect to your heart wisdom. Then several times during the day pause to realign or center yourself by either placing your hands over your heart or becoming still and focusing inwardly.  I believe my discovery of lasting empowerment will help you live a happy and more fulfilled life. Be sure to let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.
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  1. Pierre Acri

    There’s some good ideas here, but I dont know if I agree with everything, but theres some important points

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