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You Already Are Perfect, Whole, Complete!

Most of us become apprehensive to even dare think we are flawless, whole and absolute. The day I challenged myself to think such a thing is memorable. That was a day of transformation and awakening to my authentic self, my soul.

Until recently it has not been, in the collective psyche of humanity, to believe we do not need anyone or anything to fix us.This essential thought, that we are born perfectly, has not been in most people’s awareness.

It takes inner courage and fierceness to step up and say “I am not broken, I do not need fixed, there’s nothing wrong with me! I remember how good it felt and how empowering it was the day I said those words to myself. I danced. I was free.

Owning our wholeness and our truth takes audacity, especially within the mindset that still says “you’re not enough” or “something is wrong with you”.

We must embrace the truth that we are divinely born, gifted and endowed with wisdom that will guide us to live a creative, fulfilled, healthy and happy life.

When we spend time being still, as many of the sacred text suggest, we begin to understand that we are perfect… just the way we are. We become inspired and empowered and Spirit educates us in ways we each can conceive.

Through our quiet time we learn there is nothing wrong with us. We discover by spending more time in stillness, we become more and more aware of our authentic self and begin to trust and listen to it. We uncover the truth about us and wake up to realize we are not alone and Spirit is our partner, willing and ready to co-create with us our heart’s desire.

Comprehending that nothing is wrong with us is true self-empowerment and this comes from being connected to our individual soul, through being still or meditation.

Once we take heart and speak to our soul, that deeper part of us, we then see the Big picture of life, our raison d’etre…reason for being. When we seek our life direction, our personal wisdom, we can be sure The Sacred will answer and in a fashion we can hear and apply to our lives.

As we practice sitting in silence, listening to the Voice of Wisdom, we see our wholeness, our purity, our beauty and our innocence. That old program and conditioned voice of, “something’s wrong with me”, yada yada yada, transforms into “I am Ok and so are you!” Hallelujah.

I invite you to write down what you hear during your meditation and follow the Voice of Wisdom and watch your life transform.

Connecting to your authentic self and following your inner knowing will liberate you from the lies of the world. I personally know this to be true. Communing with your soul is the difference between living an empowered life or a life struggle.

Wisdom is the Energizing, Renewing and Transforming Power of the Universe. Get Acquainted with it…this is your Divine Birth Right.

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  1. Rozanne Peabody

    Interesting blog, enojyed going over it. thanks.

  2. Karen Moussou

    This is so important – – and so easy to forget. Thank you for the reminder that I am already perfect, whole and complete. I read that and could feel my whole body relax. Blessings.

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