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She Who Is A Goddess

Poetry has a way of not just feeding our minds, but speaking to our soul.  I hope you enjoy this piece by Poet and Artist, Suzy Toronto (2003) as much as I did. To learn more about Suzy visit Wonderful Wacky Women: Inspiring… Uplifting… Empowering!

She’s past the point of being

A demanding and self-absorbed princess

She’s given up the persona

Of the bossy queen

Shunning all that silly sovereign hoopla

She has elevated herself

To the loftiest status of all

She is, truly, a goddess

(Besides, who wants to be a queen
When you can be a goddess?)

She is finally at peace with

Everything about herself

Every wave of her hair

Making her an incredibly

Sensuous and radiant being

Indeed, she is a legend in her own mind!

About the Author: Suzy Toronto 

Suzy Toronto: Poet and Artist"The bottom line is I love to create. Whether I'm painting fine art in my studio, drawing my wacky characters on location at shows, sitting at my pottery wheel on my back porch, or writing at my computer, the creative process is liberating beyond words. I am forever exploring new ways to express the energy inside me. But I feel forever blessed to have these gifts and vow to never take them for granted."

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