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Letting Go, Forgiving Yourself, Forgiving Others

Do you desire to have a fun loving life, full of vitality and less stress? Follow me down the road to the “big life.” Learn how to let go and set yourself free by forgiving yourself and forgiving others.

Did you know that flexibility is key to letting go and forgiveness? The ability to bend and yield, to be flexible when needed, is a primary ingredient of your inborn strength. This ability to adapt enables you to handle situations gracefully by shifting or releasing your position. When you let go and forgive, you open yourself to opportunities that The Divine has in store for you. By not releasing or letting go,(unforgiveness) you slowly suffocate yourself. Living in a state of unforgiveness, creates toxicity in your life. You exist in opposition to your divine nature, becoming unwell, out of harmony with life, exhausted, and living the “small life.”

It’s time to unlock the door to forgiveness, focus on what’s truly important, and ensure you have the energy necessary to live a life full of vitality and less stress. How is this possible? By being flexible enough to step out of your place of comfort and perform this simple forgiveness expercise.

Take the steps to forgiveness!

  1. Light a candle.
  2. Create a list of all the people and situations you want to let go.
  3. Invite the Divine to support you through this exercise,
  4. Begin to pray and repeat the following words as you call out each person’s name or situation in your life: “(Insert Name), I am sorry. Please forgive me. I forgive and love you. Thank you.”
  5. Be still for a few seconds.

By spending a few quiet minutes alone every day and mentally forgiving everyone and everything that you are out of sorts with, your life willl begin to change. Don’t forget, If you have accused yourself of failure or mistakes, be sure to include your name on the list.

I never said this “lettng go process” would be easy. In actuallity, it may be quite difficult. Especially when you believe someone intentionally hurt you. It is not easy to take responsibility for something another person has done to you; yet the act of forgiveness sets you free. The point is to be free of the negative energy between you and the other. Negative energy causes you to contract and be up tight. Forgiveness creates a vacumn within, whereby you can renew and expand your life. It takes courage or guts and a sincere desire to empower yourself to be all you can be.

Rest assured, following this exercise daily is the best way to transform your life. You have a choice – sit around, complain about “they” and “what they did to you” and live a life that stinks. OR, heal yourself and be part of creating a better life for you and a better world for others.

Ultimately, forgiveness is for YOU. Relinquish blame and it’s power to hold you fastened to the past, because there is no power in the past. However, the present holds the power for you to live stress free and experience the “Big Life” that you deserve.

Wisdom Challenge

Make a comittment to perform the forgiveness exercise every day this week. Trust the process and the Divine. Begin from this moment on to live the Divine’s plan for your life. Don’t forget to return here next week and share the story about how your life has changed from letting go.

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