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Are You Doing Too Much? Got Overcare? Part 1

In this two-part series, you will learn about the debilitating affects of OverCare. The difference between OverCare, TrueCare, and UnderCare. And how to properly identify, nurture and walk in the regenerative power that comes from TrueCare. Today, the journey begins…

As a result of strong societal conditioning, women still take care of everyone and everything. But, when it comes to self-care, they are usually last on the list, if on the list at all. Women must stop being the only ones who can do things. By doing everything, we have definitely shifted into OverCare, which sucks the life right out of us. It is the antithesis of TrueCare. It took me years to learn that I was living a life of OverCare. My hope is you will learn from my experiences in this article and ultimately save your health. Below is what I discovered and want to share with you today.

  • OverCare is care that has become convoluted and adulterated by the programs of others.
  • OverCare drains our entire system, which leads to health issues on many different levels. 
  • OverCare dilutes the effectiveness of TrueCare. Care is the essence of service.
  • OverCare is the largest energy drain and stress producer for women. 

I believe every woman is a born goddess, endowed with heart wisdom to guide her life. Yet it appears she does not use her heart wisdom often enough to keep in balance. Once a woman recognizes and decides to use her wisdom, she makes healthy choices to care for herself, while caring, for others.

When a woman is in tune with her wisdom she does not get into OverCare. But when she is disconnected from her heart wisdom she makes guilt ridden choices and gets stuck in old patterns. She is not guided by her heart, becomes stressed, and eventually unhealthy.

Seeing women, including myself, living in OverCare is the reason I created Balancing the Goddesses Within seminar. During this presentation I share with women the wisdoms of their seven innate goddesses, also referred to as wisdom gifts. These goddesses are powerful forces that exist within each woman’s psyche. If allowed, these goddesses guide women’s lives so they can live their dreams while helping others do the same.

Demeter is one such goddess. Demeter was the ancient Mother Goddess of Greece – she is essential to the issue of OverCare. Some of her attributes were nurturing, nourishing, growing and loving, especially children. You may recognize some of these qualities as your own.

Demeter’s wisdom governs the heart and maternal love. This mother archetype, or model image derived from our personal experiences, lives powerfully within every woman, even today. She is the force of “mother love” and the drive that causes women to want to care, nurture, and protect.

If a woman is in touch with her inner Demeter, she can confidently say “no” without guilt when she starts to move into OverCare. However, if a woman does not know her inner Demeter and how to be in contact with her, she may suffer greatly at the expense of OverCare.

The wisdom of our inner Demeter can teach us how to live a balanced and stress free life, one without OverCare. We simply need to make time to get to know her wisdom.This is easily accomplished by paying attention when our inner Demeter sends us warning signals. We must find the strength to listen, STOP, and make the necessary change. Otherwise we get off track, because we ignore the warning. If we tend to get into OverCare, staying tuned in with our Demeter wisdom, and recognizing her signals, must be foremost in our minds.

Please do not confuse OverCare with UnderCare (neglect) or TrueCare (self-care). Neglect is when the heart is shut off. TrueCare, one of the most regenerative power frequencies of all, is taking care of self. OverCare is when caretaking, with regard to anything or anyone, produces stress and causes a deficit in life balance. This brings about energy drain and caregiving is no longer energy efficient for anyone. We cannot be hard or judgmental on ourselves for over caring. Instead, we need to appreciate ourselves for caring, then take a moment to reconnect to our Demeter wisdom. By connecting with our Demeter wisdom, we are empowered to walk out of OverCare and into TrueCare.

Wisdom Challenge

Look out for the warning signs of OverCare. This may mean you need to sit down and have a quiet tete-a-tete with your inner Demeter. Ask yourself,”Is the care I am giving stress producing or stress reducing?” Remember, balanced care is the best antidote for OverCare.

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Resource:  HeartMath Institute

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