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Personal Power – You’ve Got It Too!

Until we uncover and accept our inner beauty, wisdom, and power, we will always be jealous and envious of others. Self-acceptance, being willing to own who and what we are, is one of the most powerful accomplishments we will ever achieve. Self-acceptance is the root of empowerment. I am convinced that if we believe we are created with personal power, more of us would use it.

Believing we are not born with creativity, talent, and purpose lessens our personal power. It makes us powerless. Thinking derogatorily about ourselves serves no value to anyone or anything, yet millions of us “take this on” daily and often times unconsciously. This is why it is essential to listen to the self-talk in our heads. No wonder so many people appear powerless and stand by allowing others to lead the way to things their hearts are against!

There is a yearning in every human to deliver her gifts to the world. This longing will not go away until we accept our gifts and use them to create a better world for ourselves and others. Each person has a particular place in the world, must find that place, and develop her talents to serve her life purpose. Without finding our individual place and purpose in the world we feel lost, dissatisfied, and unhappy.

When our soul’s gifts are not utilized, the entire world suffers. Each person is important and matters. Yes! Our soul’s mission is part of the intention of the Divine. When ONE person stops short of living her soul’s dream, humanity suffers for this in some way, shape, or form. It is a gross loss, even when one person does not develop her sacred mission. Therefore, it behooves each of us to seek our heavenly gifts and to encourage every person around us to find their soul’s dream and live it.

Those of us who have uncovered our soul’s purpose and live it daily know the joy that comes from this acceptance. Therefore, we have the onus to help, inspire, and encourage others to do likewise. When we are empowered people, we live our lives helping to empower others regardless of our purpose. And by the way, supporting others to find their purpose only fuels our life with more energy and fire to launch our goals and dreams. This is how life works! People fuel each other.

I often say, “Everything we need to know is within us.” It is easy to forget this ancient truth about which so many spiritual teachers have written and spoken. It is our responsibility to often remind one another of our inner beauty, wisdom, and power.

Wisdom Challenge

I charge you today to share this knowledge with everyone you meet. In some way, this week, find at least one person to empower by reminding him or her that everything they need to live a fulfilled life is contained within. Encourage them to seek their personal power and be sure to affirm to them: “You've Got It, Too!”

2 Responses to “Personal Power – You’ve Got It Too!”

  1. Jack Pyle

    Right on, Beverly! I am helping you to help others recognize their Power. My vision is to help people create lives they love by using the Power of Thought. Cheers and Blessings.

  2. Cheryl

    Thank you Beverly! I try to live by this mission daily in my homelife and worklife.  I try to encourage the others around me to do the same.  Thank you for promoting the empowerment of women and more importantly the girls who are yet to become women.  You are truly a blessing!!

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