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Three Quick Steps to D-Stress Your Life

Got deadlines, too much to do in too little time? Juggling children and a job? Everyday demands and pressures…even pleasures can cause stress. According to research available from the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE), most Americans say they experience “some to a lot” of stress in their daily lives. Since the recession more people are experiencing stress. This is playing havoc with our health on many levels.

Stress is unavoidable. It is a natural reaction to changes in your life…both happy and sad. Getting promoted and getting fired both create stress. When you feel anxious or excited, your body turns on the fight or flight mechanism that revs you up to cope with a challenge. The physiological response is the same whether you are fleeing from a mugger, pressured by a deadline, or getting married.

When channeled constructively, the surge of energy, concentration, and power triggered by the stress alarm can spur you on to greater productivity and creativity. But when stress is unrelenting, this energy draining mobilization can lead to health problems that range from headaches to heart attacks.

Three kinds of stress: Normal, Good, and Bad

Normal stress keeps you on your toes when circumstances call for action. Good stress galvanizes you. It is that raring-to-go excitement and enthusiasm. Bad stress is chronic and causes the fight or flight response to kick in habitually, wearing out the body.

Everyone varies in the type and amount of pressure they can tolerate, but ultimately, the body has a limited ability to withstand stress. Stress-related illnesses account for over 85% of all visits to the doctor. This is why it is important to learn how to handle stress before it leads to medical problems.

Ready for the Three Quick Steps to D-Stress I promised you?

1. Time is wasted when worrying about things you cannot control. Consider your stress producing situations and decide what’s worth worrying about and what’s not. Concentrate your efforts on things you can change, and avoid or accept what you cannot. This is key to achieving a life you can enjoy.

Do your best not to “awfulize” your stressful situation. Letting go and letting God is the alternative to “awfulizing”. Surrender to what is. Do not empower bad situations in your life by elevating them to a status they do not deserve. Accept that “it is what it is!” and let’er go.

2. Become a problem solver. Look for ways to solve your problems instead of becoming a victim. This leads to a passive attitude when approaching the situation. Talking over and over again about your situation will not make it go away nor change it. In fact this behavior only adds to your stress. If you can’t figure it out alone, then establish a prayer and meditation practice. Surrendering to a Higher Power is always the number one D-Stresser. Once we let go, then God can work. As long as we “hold on” and try to control the outcome, things usually become worse. Letting go or inner surrender means freedom. It is the intelligent thing to do!

3. Work smarter. Set priorities, establish your intentions, and learn how to delegate for goddess sake. Planning poorly, failing to set priorities, and procrastination all add to your stress and guilt level. Having a life purpose and living it with intention is the second most powerful D-Stresser. Once your purpose is declared, you can set priorities according to what matters to you and guiltlessly release the rest. Defining your purpose or even A purpose, will allow you to stay on track. After all your purpose is what’s really important, right!

Three Bonus tips and the first tip may be a BIG ONE for you.

Just say No! If you do not say no to some people some of the time, you are setting yourself up for failure through downright overload. Practice respectful turndowns such as, “No, I apologize. Wish I could help you out, however, I’m not able to..” (note: that I did not use the word sorry or can’t). If people persist after you have said no, then say, “please respect my right to say no.” If they continue to press you, repeat the last sentence again and this time be sure you are looking them directly in the eye, head up and shoulders back. Remember body language is 55 % of communication.

Laugh. Being able to laugh at yourself and your problems is always a good antidote. Laughing produces endorphins, which are a natural hormone, that is released when you chuckle. This helps to combat stress. Endorphins also make you feel good…they actually can give you a “natural high”.

Talk. Seek out other people to talk over your problems, rather than keeping them to yourself. Good friends are great therapists. Just getting it “off your chest” does a world of good and relieves pressure. When talking to a trusted friend often times she can help you see that you might be catastrophizing. It is easy to exaggerate to yourself. A trusted friend will quickly point this out.

Wisdom Challenge

Consider the sources of your stress, determine what you cannot control. Then let go and let God!

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  1. Mary

    GREAT words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing your insight. Your blogs always seem to target just what I need.

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