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Living in True In-dependence

Today I want to share a paragraph with you written by Joanne McFadden, Spiritual Leader and Founder of New Thought New York Center for Spiritual Living. I thought about writing a brief blog on “independence”; however, after reading Joanne's well written article, I felt there was no need. She has covered my heart words to you. Please read Joanne's wisdom and allow it to penetrate your heart about living true in-dependence.

Achieving independence requires living in-dependence…that is, in-dependence on that which is within us. The Patriots did not find the strength and tenacity to fight for their independence against incredible odds without first tapping into inner strength and relying on that to guide their actions and carry them through this tumultuous time. In essence, being independent, something we still champion today, requires that we be in-dependent, not looking to external forces, but turning within to depend on Spirit, directing our lives from the inside out.”

“On this day we celebrate independence, let us also celebrate our in-dependence and the glorious surrender that comes with depending entirely on the Source of All Being.”

Wisdom Challenge

On this July 4th, I challenge you to look inside and tap into your inner strength and depend on your inner wisdom to guide you in living in In-dependence.

About the Author:  Reverend Joanne McFadden, Science of Mind, Magazine

Reverend Joanne McFadden believes the desire for peace on earth begins with the individual. She is the founder of New Thought New York, a chapter of United Central of Spiritual Living. Reverend McFadden is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner, Minister of Religious Science and has her Masters in Consciousness Studies – teaching the Science of Mind. For more on Reverend Joanne McFadden visit New Thought New York.

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