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The Power of the Mother Archetype-Demeter

Within every woman, regardless of her ethnicity, lives the archetype/pattern "Mother Goddess." This is the most magical and powerful gift she will ever own. She has the power to birth, whether it is a child or a project. The power to mother–be it an animal, family, business or herself–is an amazing ability.

Women have this privilege and honor. Women have this ready-made system, divinely pre-programmed. This system naturally places upon women the power to co-create with the Universe in every aspect of their lives. Sadly, to report, most women are unaware of this goddess power.

The privilege to birth, nurture, and feed with one's body, gives a woman the awareness that all things come from within. Everything she will ever need or need to know comes from within herself. When women hold sacred the “blessed mother within” they are free to choose anything in their lives. They have the power to co-create with God…regardless of what others might think or say. The mother archetype is a unique blessing and must be regarded as sacred. When regarded as "sacred" women begin to feel their self-worth and their esteem evolves. They achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams.

I will be speaking about "The Mother Goddess" Archetype and her importance within us at the seminar, When Women Say No!: The Power to Live a Balanced Life – You’ve Got it, Too, because she is the Archetype that gets out of balance the easiest for most women. Women who don’t allow the mother goddess archetype to guide them, experience conflict between their inner wisdom and what they were taught by society as young girls. Guilt arises from within as women continue to live their lives out of balance. 

Wisdom Challenge

Did you know the mother goddess archetype, Demeter, whispers in your dreams? She smiles in your day-to-day life. She stirs the energy within your heart , and belly that you might give birth to your soul’s dreams. The mother archetype is very much alive in you! Own her today!

Take time each day to tap into your Mother Goddess energy. Remember, she resides within you. Pay attention to her energy and watch your life immensly improve.

Another goddess,

WisdomGoddess, Bev

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