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TrueCare – Taking Care of Yourself! Part 2

Living a balanced life includes treating ourselves well. This is the very definition of True-Care and for most women it is considered foreign territory. As mentioned in my previous article “Are You Doing Too Much? Got OverCare? Part 1,” women tend to take care ofeveryone else before taking care of themselves. Today, I encourage women to connect to their inner Goddess Demeter and learn how her wisdom teaches the importance of self-care or TrueCare.

TrueCare is a gift to everyone involved. It is one of Goddess Demeter’s and women’s greatest gifts to the world. Yet, women often feel guilty at the very thought of letting go and taking care of themselves. Self-care falls to the bottom of the daily to-do list. However, in order to give quality care and have a meaningful…fulfilled life, self-care must be prioritized to the top of the list.

Sadly, many women still live within the old super woman paradigm. And of late, a new woman has emerged. One who is equal to the super woman, e-gads super mom. Whether super woman or super mom, taking on this role is actually a form of self-abuse. Psychologists call it subtle abuse. How many more generations will pass on the guilt trip of “doing it all or being it all” to their daughters, sisters, and friends? Now is the time to challenge tired, old ways of treating ourselves.

How to Achieve TrueCare

1. Orchestrate balance. It is important to orchestrate balance in our lives by carving out time for “self” daily. Creating time for ourselves allows us to give quality care to others and also gives us the strength to stay balanced. Because a lack of self-care is pervasive in the female collective consciousness of the world, it becomes more difficult to break this cycle of self-abuse.

2. Recognize life’s stages. Women want to be mothers. We want to have careers. We want to participate in our communities. We want wonderful relationships, and the list goes on. We desire to have it all. It is time to give a new definition to “having it all.” Truth, “having it all” does not mean having it all simultaneously. Life is to be lived in seasons or phases…enjoying each one.

3. Love ourselves. We must love, respect and appreciate ourselves, if for no other reason than, because we are Children of God-dess. We must come to understand that we deserve a life of TrueCare and nurture ourselves as a good mother would. Why do we find ourselves at the bottom of the to-do list, if on there at all? It is because we do not love ourselves enough to add our own names to the top.

4. Let go of guilt. We must learn to feel good about taking care of ourselves…this means “guilt” is out the door. Anytime it attempts to enter again, we simply focus our energy into our heart center and connect to our Demeter wisdom. This inner goddess will always remind us of self-care and help us to release the guilt. The heart does not know guilt – guilt is a dysfunctional state of the mind.

5. Just say “no.” As long as we try to be everything to everybody, we spread ourselves extremely thin and little happens, except the perpetuation of this vicious cycle of self-abuse. It is okay to say, “no.” Who will take over when we are flat on our backs and unable to function due to stress and fatigue? If there is someone able to take over when we are down, why not start allowing them to help now? Truth, when we walk around bragging about how we “do it all” or expressing that our lives are “crazy” from running here and there, we are really exposing how much our lives are out of balance.

6. Learn the art of receiving. Women seem to be able to give easily. However, we are poor receivers. To achieve TrueCare, we need to learn to open our arms and hands widely and receive love, help, appreciation, abundance, and nourishment for our souls. Receiving is the equal opposite of giving – one without the other never works successfully. We lose balance and move into OverCare.

When we walk in OverCare, eventually the well runs dry and there is nothing left to offer except resentment, frustration, bitterness and eventually loss of health. Women, it is time to wake up! We are Born Goddesses who deserve and need TrueCare. We must tap into our inner Demeter and learn to not only develop the skill of self-care, but to enjoy it.

Wisdom Challenge

Give yourself the gift of time. Pull out your calendar and schedule time for yourself every day to do nothing. I know it’s difficult, but it truly is okay to feel good about caring for yourself. Right now give yourself permission to love and care for you! Have that chat with your inner Goddess Demeter and listen to her wisdom. Then, go ahead, schedule that luxurious bath with a glass of wine and chocolates.

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