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“IRENE” Goddess of Peace

Experiencers of Hurricane "Irene"

Friends we gather our hearts together in community today to send prayers of love, peace, energy, empowerment, comfort and confidence to the experiencers of Hurricane Irene. Before midnight tonight if possible, please:

  • light a candle
  • connect your heart consciously with the people of faith around the world and
  • join us in speaking these powerful and positive prayers …

For those who have …

  • crossed over (22 humans, and an unknown number of animals at this writing)…
  • we send Loving Energy to each Eternal Spirit finding themselves suddenly moving on into a new experience; may they feel great power to confidently meet the experience of being released –perhaps unexpectedly–from their physical bodies. We send all beings Abundant Reassurance of the Knowing of Eternal Oneness—no matter their form!–with All That Is.
  • had their physical belongings ruined or taken away … houses flooded, precious belongings such as photographs and personal things, and essentials like clothes and cars, taken from them …
  • we send Love, Comfort and Compassion for those who have lost that which is important to them; we send Divine Energy to each person for the hard personal work of grieving their losses;

We send the ancient wisdom of the Truth of Impermanence — the knowing that eventually every physical thing in this plane of reality will return to The Great Mother —nothing physical lasts forever … the more we hang on, the more pain we feel;

We send the Knowing of Our Power of Co-Creativity –the wisdom of not attaching our identity to things—yes, of grieving what is lost, and then remembering that our True Identity is that of Eternal Beings capable of co-creating anew. That which we magnetized once into our lives, we can magnetize again! Physical objects do not define us; we are Infinite Souls playing in the realm of the physical for our joy, delight, learning and evolution.

  • have found themselves stranded while traveling, their plans disrupted, their flights cancelled, or who have had to leave their homes…

We send a prayer for the “Spirit of Adventure” and meeting all unexpected events with the “Peace of Irene,” and with a feeling of flexibility and “going with the flow;”

We send the knowing that this can be an opportunity to experience something new and wonderful as you meet new people in new situations. In having patience with an unexpected turn of events, in helping and being kind to one another in challenging circumstances, we turn what could be a negative experience into a possibly one of the most positive memories of a lifetime. May the hundreds of thousands of people stranded in airports take this opportunity to meet new friends and have wonderful new experiences of kindness, loving help and support. May people use this experience to band together in a Spirit of Oneness, sharing what resources they have, and showing their goodness and humanity to one another. We hold that everyone is exactly where they should be for their Greatest Good.

To animals, we send a special prayer of Love and Comfort for all they are experiencing. In the Unseen World, the Women and Men of This Temple wrap our arms around these beings and comfort them. They know they are loved and also One and Eternal.

Irene is the Greek Goddess of Peace, and in ancient times, Irene was most celebrated at times when peace seemed most at risk. In one of Her most well-known images, She is seen as a powerful young woman holding the infant “Ploutos” (“Wealth”) in Her arms. The meaning of this is that “a deep knowing of peace results in true wealth. Peace is the Mother of Wealth … the fruit of Peace is Wealth.”

This event is named “Irene,” or “Peace.” A hurricane seems to be the opposite of Peace. Humans cannot control mother nature; we can only control our reactions to Her; we can work together co-create good again and anew when an event disrupts our normal lives. While on the surface, Hurricane Irene’s effects seem anything but peaceful, perhaps the Peace of Irene can be found in the deep knowing that no matter what the passing winds of circumstance do in this lifetime, we remember that Life Itself is eternal, that we are here to learn, to grow, to give and receive love and compassion, and that events of this type are simply one more means by which we have a very special opportunity to do all of this in sharing with one another. This is our True Spiritual Wealth, a permanent wealth that no hurricane can blow away, no flood can wash away.

Friends please join us in this knowing, adding your personal individual prayers …. avoiding conversations of “ain’t it awful,” and instead consciously directing discussions by speaking your comforting wisdom on this matter in spiritual leadership to your friends, family and co-workers. We are deeply grateful for the blessings and lessons of life.

Note:  I (we) use the term “experiencer” instead of “victim.”
I (we) choose not to hold anyone as a “victim” of anything, but more an “experiencer.”

Our prayers made together are powerful and have a deep and lasting effect on all children of Mother Earth to whom we send them.

Thank you.
Blessed be.

Reverend Ava Park

About the Author:  Reverend Ava Park

Reverend Ava ParkA businesswoman in the 80·s, she left the corporate world to focus on her life mission: to help return balance to the planet by bringing The Sacred Feminine back to modern day religion. Trained in Women·s Spirituality, metaphysics and Buddhism, Ava founded the Temple in 2002 – and, at this writing, it serves women's spirituality as the only Temple of its kind in the world. She currently leads the women·s congregation in Sunday services, healing circles, seasonal rituals and special spiritual events.  To learn more about the Goddess Temple.

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