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Beverley Danusis shares a Mutual of Omaha “Aha” Moment

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Mutual of Omaha to share my “Aha Moment.” On July 26th, Mutual of Omaha visited Ft. Wayne, Indiana to capture both my “Aha” Moment and the "Aha" Moments of many others prior to moving on to their nextdestination.

The “Aha” Moment I shared with Mutual of Omaha began with a stunning revelation I received one day during meditation. Today, I share that revelation, with the hope that this divinely imparted wisdom will resonate as truth in your own heart.

When we "wake up" and realize we are much, much more than just human beings and that we are actually souls living inside a physical body, we then see life very differently. It adds purpose and power to our beingness and our lives.

I realize many people say they know they have a soul, but being a soul is different than having a soul. Most people only believe they have a soul in either a superficial way or in an intellectual way. Few of us neither take it seriously nor acknowledge that the soul has a God-given mission and purpose.

We cannot live a balanced and fulfilled life until we realize we have a life PURPOSE, and must deliver our purpose/ gifts to the world. This is why we are on Earth. There is not one of us who is without purpose, regardless of how we or others measure our gifts. We each are significant to the big plan and are souls on a mission that must be fulfilled; otherwise the world suffers from the lack of our essential gift.

The realization that we are each a soul empowers us to decide what's important in our lives. Knowing we are souls gives us a different perspective on life. Awaking to the fact that we are a soul is the first step to life balance.

When we realize we each are souls who are connected to the other, then we see how our lives affect
each other. For example, each soul is connected to the other like yarn in a sweater, loop-by-loop, hand by hand. With this understanding we can see how our lives affect one another. We can also see why it is important for us to be aware of every thought and action and why it is important for us to help each other obtain our soul’s mission. Evolution is a group plan, not an individual one.

When a sweater stitch or loop is broken in a sweater the possibility of that sweater unraveling is almost a sure thing. One damaged strand can cause the entire sweater to become a pile of yarn. Yet if the sweater is mended or rewoven, the sweater regains its strength and maintains its design. Thus, one soul who does not realize her importance and beauty… and connection to "All That IS" becomes broken, out of balance and dis-empowered. She cannot find her way … thus weakening all of humanity.

The next step to living a balanced life is to discover our self-worth, and to learn the truth about
who and what we are. Thus, the significance of waking up to the truth that we are creative souls on a sojourn, and our temporary habitats are sacred bags of protoplasm … disguising us as human beings.

Now that I’ve shared my revelation, I hope you enjoy the Mutual of Omaha video:


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  1. Karen Moussou

    Wow. What a great gift. I am so glad Mutual of Omaha gave Beverley this forum to express such an important and vibrant message about wisdom. We can learn so much from each other. Blessings.

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