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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall … Who is in There After All?

Whew! “Time flies” as they say, and it certainly has for me. This is the publication of the eleventh-anniversary edition of my first book, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…Who is in there after all? The book was written 10 years after I retired from the cosmetic and fashion industry.Mirror, Mirror ... Who's In There After All? Much water has gone under the bridge since the publishing of this book.

It has taken me eleven years, but I finally found out who was in there after all! My life has taken many twists and turns, and ups and downs, along the journey to uncovering my truth. I have tunneled through mountains of earth, and shoveled through heaps of coal to find the rare diamonds of life.

As you read Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, you will see that I was born to teach. I own this calling. I am deeply dedicated to the work I have been asked to do by the Sacred. My soul’s dream is to help women bring forth their feminine wisdom and not be afraid to use it to create a better world for themselves and those around them. These women will not stand for the antiquated role models nor the unscrupulous standards created by the corporate and media mentality which they have learned from, lived with, been crippled by, and toiled under for too many years. My motto is “You’ve Got It, Too!”, and I intend to continue helping others “Get It, Too! “

During my personal journey of self discovery, I realized that it is my destiny to call women to lead the way, to own their power of wisdom, and to use it unyieldingly with love and kindness. This wisdom will save the planet! I am not referring to repeating the struggle of the feminist movement that we replicated from the old world mindset, but rather to take the positive aspects that we learned from it and weave a new community of people who follow their powerful inner-knowing, their feminine wisdom. I am speaking to a new way of living a more compassionate, collaborative, and cooperative way of life. A lifestyle where we embrace the feminine qualities that both men and women are born with – love, empathy, creativity, intuition, and wisdom – and to integrate these qualities into our world for healing and wholeness.

Since the writing of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I co-authored Sophia and the Seven Goddesses; A Journey of Self-Acceptance, an empowerment book for girls and their mom’s. With this, I have also created a companion journal, a facilitator guide, and goddess image dolls. The line of dolls are Greek Goddesses designed to mirror real women’s bodies and act as teaching tools to support girls and women to uncover their innate beauty, power, and wisdom. Presently, I am writing another book oriented toward lasting empowerment for men and women, which is about my personal voyage of discovering and connecting to my soul. This book is to support anyone who desires real empowerment, which comes from awakening to his or her authentic self…the soul. Armed with self knowledge, I know now that there is nothing I cannot accomplish.

My wish is that you enjoy Mirror, Mirror on the Wall and receive the wisdom and knowledge you need in order to create a better life for yourself. My hope is that you will pass the information on to those who could also benefit from it.

I pray you find wholeness and fulfillment as you open up to the truth of who you are. I bless you and yours, and I beseech the Sacred to awaken you to your true identity, your soul, who is a Born Goddess, Brilliant, Bold, and Beautiful.

Happy reading! Please email me and let me know your thoughts; I want to hear from you. And, if you are so inclined, please share your personal life story with me. You are my sister and your words matter to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

You’ve Got It, Too!
Beverley Danusis

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