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Releasing The Dynamic Power of the Inner Male/Female

Enjoy the following article by Colin P. Sisson and learn how to balance your inner male and female qualities.

We all have inside of us two very powerful energies that are designed to work together in harmony: The inner female and the inner male. This is not about gender but rather qualities of energies. Every woman has the same amount of masculine qualities(courage, dynamic action for achievement, intellectual analysis and so on) as any man. Men have the same amount of feminine qualities (feelings, receptivity, intuition and so on) as women do.

Because of our upbringing and conditioning, society established clear and distinct male and female gender based roles and boundaries, and this created inner separation and confused the psyche. This in turn created inner conflict that led to feelings of powerlessness, a sense of being out of control and inadequacy. Thus this may have led us to have looked for power, love, joy and freedom outside of ourselves, which reinforced the belief that to have these things we must manipulate others for them. 'Being and doing', 'gentleness and force', 'intellect and emotions', these have become some of the areas for continued confusion for most people. These confusions eventually became mental and emotional programs that controlled us from a subconscious level.


  • Mimicking role models (father, brother, film or rock stars, and heroes).
  • Competing with other men.
  • Need to prove oneself as a man
  • Male chauvinism
  • Fear and guilt – from not being ‘man’ enough


  • Seeking masculine energy in men
  • Competing with other women
  • Making men or a relationship with them a priority
  • Female chauvinism
  • Under-evaluating yourself / measuring your value by what kind of man you’ve got
  • Passive expectation for him to manifest & make it all work for you

Because of what we were attracted to during those early years of learning how life worked, we often adopted role models that were very out of balance themselves in their female/male energies, and then repeated their mistakes. Most young people have few if any constructive role models with balanced female and male qualities.

BEING and DOING, the two powerful energies we all have, need to be balanced if we want to experience success and all that we are.

This workshop looks at our imbalances of the feminine and masculine qualities we all possess, and this awareness is often enough to ‘correct’ this imbalance.

Be ready for a lively, active and exhilarating experience.

Wisdom Challenge

Reach into your inner wisdom and connect with your femine and masculine qualities in order to experience balance and experience success.

About the Author:  Colin P. Sisson

Colin P. Sisson is an inspirational speaker, writer, and leader on the power of being "present".  He inspires people to expand their awareness and to achieve their full potential.  For more on Colin P. Sisson, visit his website.




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