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When Women Say “No”: The Power to Live a Balanced Life … You’ve Got It, Too! Event Recap Part II

Saturday’s seminar, When Women Say “No”: The Power to Live a Balanced Life … You’ve Got it Too, was an amazing experience! Every time, I have the opportunity to share with women their innate ability to transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary by achieving a balanced life, I find my life impacted as well. In this continuation post, I felt compelled to share with you a few wisdom tips I shared with the goddesses on this extraordinary day regarding, The Power to Live a Balanced Life…You’ve got, It Too!

I opened the event with these words and said them strongly as I believe this with all of my heart…

The two most significant lessons we can ever learn in our lives, is 1) to love and accept our beauty, power, and wisdom, and 2) to wake up to the truth that we are born goddesses.

The first step to life balance, that should be considered mandatory, is to wake up to the truth that you are not just a woman, rather a soul who is living in a body with a mission that must be lived or the world is not complete.

The second step to life balance is to learn how to receive. Receiving is the counterpart of giving. When we are always giving and not receiving, we create imbalances in our bodies, lives, and the Universe. The art of receiving is something women must cultivate. We certainly cultivated how to give. And yes, the other portion of learning to receive is to be willing to recognize that we deserve to receive and that most of us have already “given” enough in our lifetimes that we are out of whack. Today, we can just stop giving for a while and simply receive.

Women have created chaos and havoc in the Universe by over-giving and not allowing Life to give back as it is so designed. During the seminar on Saturday, women learned to open up their hands and receive. This was a powerful experience for all.

Our core belief about who we think we are determines what we get out of life. This core belief always manifest in our outer life. We cannot have anything or be anyone that our core belief does not match. The question I posed to the group was …”Who are you being?” “Are you doing more than you are being?” Life is more about what we are being than what we are doing, I explained.

Yes, we also did some left brain stuff and divided our lives into seven sections on a “life balance wheel” to get a view of how we spend our time. That was also a shock to the women to take a hard look at where they spend their time, versus what they truly value. After this revealing exercise we did an exercise to learn how to say “No” so we had some time to spend on our soul’s dreams and values. I will write about that little exercise another time. The women loved it and immediately put it to use.

The event was grand and I wish you had been there to “feel” the energy yourself. What I want to add, is this … on Sunday as I was recouping from the event, I decided to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. While I was lounging, an orange butterfly lit on my thigh, and remained there for what seemed a long time. I knew from my studies of many religion, aboriginal, and spiritual beliefs that the butterfly represented one's soul and transformation. What a lovely confirmation from The Sacred to complete the event for me. Through my own teachings, I was also transformed!

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  1. Charlotte Semple

    Hi Bev,
    Wish that I had been there – could have had fun doing that 7-sections thing. Have a lot to learn about ME. I do give a lot and find it hard to receive. 
    I've signed up my daughter, Roxanne Goodrich, so she can learn about herself, too, She's going through one hell of a lot of bad stuff- a Divorce, for one -her so called husband has mental problems, is physically and verbally abusive to her and their two sons. Her older son, age 17, has stolen, does lie, and she found out that he smokes pot – his sense of self-wort is in the pits,. She also has a younger son, age 14 who is a classic dyslexic, has ADDH, and suffers Disgraphia on top of everything else – he's more angry than a bee trapped in a closed jar – at  everyone.
    Roxanne herself has a few problems of her own – at one time there when she was much younger, she was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Syndrome – had 17 different people inside her telling her what to do – she eventually got strong enough to pull heself together. All these years since though, after looking after her dad for many ears, being his main caregiver, then trying to cope with her husband and two sons , home schooling them for awhile, she sort of pushed her own self back into the back of the closet – if you get my meaning? So,  my dear Gentle Friend, Roxanne could use your great Wisdom.
    I took the quiz and found out that my main Goddess is Demeter. Wow!
    Much love, Charlotte

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