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When Women Say “No!”: The Power to Live a Balanced Life … You’ve Got It, Too! Event Recap Part I

Saturday’s seminar, When Women Say “No”: The Power to Live a Balanced Life … You’ve Got it Too, was powerful, transformational, and a day of celebration. Together we uncovered that we have the power to transform our lives, to bring about balance. We came to understand that we have the right to live our soul’s dreams, while we support others to live theirs. We learned how to put boundaries in place so we could enjoy life too.

During the day we came together as wise woman sharing our wisdom with one another, enjoying delicious food from our generous sponsors, made new friends, did some good shopping at the vendor’s tables, and became “movie stars” as AccessOne Cable TV filmed the day. The day was built with enthusiasm and passion for a new way of being and living. By the close of the seminar we danced the wisdom we gained right into our bones! We left the event renewed, empowered, and inspired women ready to take on our lives and bring them into balance. The final realization of the day was, I’ve got it too and so do you. I have the power to live a life of balance, abundance and joy!

Through-out the day many women shared with me their moments of insights. They said … I got it … I understand … this just happened to me, now, I can take on my life back, … I did not realize that I am so powerful, … I never thought about loving me as I love others, … I never thought about myself as a soul with an important purpose and if I did not use that purpose the world would miss it, … WOW! I always saw myself as a woman but now that I open up to the truth that I am much more than just a mom, spouse, employee, daughter, grandmother … I feel like I have a new lease on life. These are the inspiring words that came abundantly flowing out of their hearts … as they had revelations of whom and what they are.

There is nothing like “being here,” one of the participants said to me. She further commented, Bev you must do more of these “live events”, and not just online. Being in this energy with other women is part of what gives us the power to transform our lives. I must say she is right. The energy of the day was high and Spirit filled. It was amazing to watch the women support, inspire, share, and encourage each other to transform their lives. What I loved the most was the sisterhood that was formed in our community on Saturday. That made the day even more spectacular for me.

It was life-changing watching women’s lives transform as they began to have “ah ha’s” throughout the seminar, and seeing them understand they were these magnificent souls with power to create a better life for themselves and the world. These were just a few highlights from the seminar that I wanted to share with you. My wish is that you, too, can join us in this celebration of life, realizing we are much more than women … we are souls, who have divine purpose, a purpose that we must live fully or we will wither away and die unfulfilled.

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