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The Wise Old Owl

I awoke earlier than usual this morning. It was as if someone had nudged me. Dawn had not yet broken. The sun was still hiding its face and mist abound. I opened the window shades and to my surprise, perched in my favorite tree, was a great horned owl, staring directly at me. Her golden eyes glowing and her posture stunning, I felt the power of her sight pierce my heart and I shook in disbelief.

At first glance, I was not sure what I was seeing. I asked myself, “Is there an owl sitting in front of my bedroom window or am I dreaming?” The owl was about 25 inches tall with a scruffy appearance. She had tufts of feathers that looked like tiny ears woven into her coat. This was definitely a Harry Potter moment! She appeared friendly, yet I noted a fierceness about her that instantly earned my respect. She proudly sat as if “showing off,” her glory.

I peered at the owl for at least a minute, then carefully opened the shades a little wider to get a better view. I turned my head to the left to gaze at her with more scrutiny and so did the owl. Next I extended my neck forward for a different view and so did the owl. “Was she mimicking me,” I asked myself? For a second I thought my mind was making this up. So, I repeated the movements and the owl again mimicked me.

The owl’s eyes shone like the morning sun even in the pale light. The entire moment was so surreal that I thought I was still asleep. I pinched myself again to check. This was not a dream, rather a gift from Spirit to assure me I was making a “wise decision” regarding my personal life. This gnosis- Greek noun for knowledge or knowing-came to me quickly. You see, I had been praying about a difficult decision I had to make. I wanted The Sacred to give me the answer. I did not want to make this decision alone, so I prayed for help. At that moment, I felt the holy presence of Spirit sitting on that limb. I knew my prayer had been answered. Here “it” was, sitting on a branch in front of me.

It was as if Spirit had embodied the owl and was present right there with me. This was absolutely one of the most sacred happenings of my life. The energy of the Sacred was impressive and immense. The owl sitting in the tree was the perfect way for Spirit to communicate to me what I needed to know. The answer was clear, resonating throughout my entire body and not just my mind. I felt it! I knew it!

I have always loved owls and have studied what they symbolize. The owl represents a “higher wisdom or a feminine wisdom” especially to indigenous cultures. The Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Athena is often depicted with an owl posed on her shoulder. I felt a kindred spirit, since I utilize Greek mythology when bringing to fruition my soul’s work. I teach daily about our innate heart wisdom and how to use it.

I am not special, because Spirit answered my prayer in a visual way. Spirit is always speaking to us. We only need to be receptive. Sadly, we are too busy living our lives to see or hear Spirit. Regardless of how Spirit speaks, we must be open to the myriad ways the Divine chooses to communicate … that is if we want our answers.

This tremendous owl poised on the limb, in front of my bedroom window, was no accident … it was … if anything synchronous. And for me, it was without a doubt God-dess speaking directly to me … heart-to-heart, face-to-face. Thank you Sweet, Sweet Spirit for my answer.

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