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The Sunflower Story

The doorbell rang. It was 6:30 PM. It was rainy, dark, and cold outside. I opened the door and there stood my neighbor, Susan, with a bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers in her hand. They appeared to be smiling at me. She thrust them at me saying, “These are for you!” I was surprised, even taken aback. Then, suddenly the words came pouring out of my mouth, “thank you, thank you” as I realized the flowers were for me.
Susan said to me “It has been dreary and raining for days, and I am concerned about you”. She went on to explain that during her evening shopping she saw these bright yellow flowers, and they asked her to “bring them to Beverley.” Susan told me this story with a twinkle in her eye. She actually looked like a beautiful sunflower herself as she shared why she brought me these flowers.
Susan had known my life was being turned upside down and inside out. I was on her mind. “Do neighbors really think about each other?” I thought…I now know they do because Susan had me, not only on her mind, but in her heart as well. She is a heart woman, full of love and wisdom. She listened and followed her heart and empowered mine.
Susan was extremely mindful of what support means, because one of her sons recently experienced some major health issues. By following her inner knowing, her heart wisdom, Susan lifted my troubled spirits. I truly needed that inspiration, at that moment. I needed those big, fun, happy, yellow flowers in my house speaking to me. I had no idea what good medicine and company sunflowers were until Susan arrived!
SunflowersSusan made my day. The sunflowers, along with Susan, had the magical power of transformation that I needed. She took action when her heart spoke, without question, and gave me a boost. When the Sacred speaks to us, we must act immediately and unabashedly… following our inner ear, our inner guidance. The more we do this, the easier it is to hear Spirit for all things in our lives and for others too.
What makes this simple story even more powerful is Susan is still going through troubled times with her son’s health. He is not home free yet. But she still found time for me. She is not sitting at home feeling sorry for herself or wallowing in her own pain. She created a little miracle, and not only was I the recipient…so was she! That’s the miracle of unselfishly giving.

Wisdom Challenge 

I wanted to share this simple act of kindness and mindfulness with you today. My prayer is that you will do something to encourage, inspire or empower another right now. It does not have to be something major or ultra expensive; as you can see sunflowers will do the trick. I promise your gift of kindness will cheer up the receiver, especially if it is unexpected. Remember, it is these small acts of kindness, delivered and wrapped in love that make the difference. I wish you could have seen the love all over Susan’s face when she handed her bundle to me. Her love shone brighter than the sunflowers.
Acts of kindness and good can lift even the heaviest spirit. Never underestimate the transformational power you hold in your hands for another. Through the smallest act of giving, whether it is an item or a gift of time, you have the power to change lives. Don’t wait another moment…. just “give” now. You could be someone’s little miracle today. Go ahead, bless someone, and see how it feels to be a miracle worker partnering up with God-dess.
You’ve Got It, Too!


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  1. Karen Moussou

    Lovely. Her gesture has sent out a ripple of love.

  2. Nanna Brincker

    Lovely GoddessBev,
    This story reminded me of something that happened to me some years ago. I was out shopping and was coming back to my car carrying my groceries and a bunch of flowers that I had just bought. Parked behind me was a large car with a small girl at about 10 and a very fat teenage girl arguing and fighting. The Mother ,who was on her way to the shops, turned back at them screaming and swearing at them to stop. The whole scene was very disturbing and as the Mother walked on the girls continued the same language.
    Then suddenly something clicked inside of me and I took the flowers and walked up to their car, tapped on the window and as the teenage girl opened and was about to shout abuse  at me, I handed her the flowers and said "that's for you". She lost her voice and suddenly her face softened and and the car become silent.
    I suddenly came to my self, just like being in a dream, and I quietly walked away. I don't know what came over me and I've never done anything like this before. But it really taught me to trust my instinct and follow it wherever it takes me. Now, if i feel like giving something away or following an impulse of kindness I just go with it, and need I say that I also receive so much kindness from places I couldn't imagine. Life really is magical!
    Love to you and whatever you are going through at the moment.
    You SisterGoddess

  3. Devonee Hackett

    Just reading about the sunflowers lifted my heart.  I just learned that a dear friend of mine passed away this  morning and was feeling sad so I was glad to hear about something good to remind me that love comes in many ways. Thanks.

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