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Living in Gratitude, Tis the Time

Once again it is the recognized time for us to celebrate and be grateful for our abundance and blessings! Along with you, I am pausing to acknowledge all I have and all I am. I am offering thanks for my many blessings. I want you to know that I appreciate you being in my life. I am grateful for your friendship. You have inspired me to live my soul’s dream. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, especially on this day of thanksgiving.

Each of us can find things to appreciate, even when our lives are unraveling. Those rough times give us the opportunity to examine our personal lives, and see how we can create a better life for ourselves and for others. To do this, we must stop and ask:

“What can I learn from this unpleasant experience?”
“What is the greater good or the big picture in this situation?”

When we ask ourselves these essential questions, gratitude flows into our minds and bodies transforming our circumstances with insight and wisdom.

Living in gratitude seems easy enough, right? But many of us forget to live in gratitude. We can be conditioned by media programming and advertising to feel that we lack something, that we are never good enough or have the right things, etc. Daily, we are bombarded by messages that have the ability to create an energy of “need” within us that turns into feelings of lack. Soon we become discontent and unappreciative of what we have instead of focusing on our blessings and abundance. Be on guard and “see through” the poppycock by living from your heart.

Gratitude is a state of being and an act of grace. It is not something we say, do or become. It is something we feel and live. We naturally feel gratitude when we live from our heart wisdom and do not get hung up in the “heady society.”

Good news … when living in gratitude you radiate a frequency that attracts more affluence; allowing more abundance to flow to you and to those around you. You choose to let go of discontentment and stop comparing yourself to others. (This is different than your desire to improve yourself and your life.)

On the flip side… when we live on a negative frequency, like discontentment, more of what we fear or do not want in our lives shows up. We get off course; forgetting our soul’s mission on earth. Sometimes we become an unconscious ingrate, oh jeepers!

Living in gratitude takes practice. So, check in with your heart daily, to see how you are living, thinking, feeling, and being, and “it” will ensure you are living in gratitude and contentment.

    Remember, gratitude clears your mind, fills your heart, refreshes your body and satisfies your soul.   

Wisdom Challenge

This Thanksgiving holiday I encourage you to put Gratitude Living into practice, not just for this day or month, rather for a lifetime. You will be the wealthy winner.

You’ve Got It, Too!

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  1. Karen Moussou

    You're right. The more I am grateful and acknowledge the Source of all good things, the happier I am. That simple act of gratitude gives me the most expansive feeling of Love and Light in my heart. 
    Thank you for the role you have played in my unfolding appreciation Beverley.
    Many Blessings to you.

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