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Miracle or Luck? The Lost Gold Earring

Preparing for bed, I glanced in the mirror and noticed one of my gold earrings was missing. I remembered double checking the fasteners as I slipped them through my ears this morning. I agonized, “Dear me, I can’t lose an earring,” because these beautiful earrings were a precious inheritance from my late Aunt Ruth. I immediately backtracked my steps through the house with no results. Since it was late, I decided to retrace my steps outside tomorrow morning.

I understood finding the missing earring would be a small miracle and I needed Heaven's help. So, before falling asleep, I said a prayer to God-dess sharing how important these earrings were to me. I then gave thanks for the return of the earrings knowing it would require Divine intervention. I made an agreement with myself to “release” the earring – to be OK with losing it. Finally, I forgave myself for not making absolutely sure that my treasured earring was secure on my ear.

You might think all this fuss over an earring is silly. Some folks believe when we pray we should only ask for crucial things; however, the God-dess I am partnered with, cares about everything from a hangnail to a major event. I did not beg the Universal powers to help me. I only opened my heart to the power of The Divine and allowed myself to accept the answer. By releasing the earring, I allowed the angels to do their work. So, after making peace with myself, I tucked hope into my heart and went to sleep

Unfortunately, I was not at home when this happened. I was visiting my daughter Beth in Texas. The next day I asked her fiancée, Jaime, if I could search his car for the earring since I had driven his vehicle to the store the day I lost the earring. He helped me look, but still no earring. Jaime said, “Don’t get your hopes up. It would be a miracle if anyone could find such a small thing and then turn it in….” He then asked if I had phoned the store to see if anyone had found the earring. I had not because it was one of those “Super Stores,” and very crowded that day. I could barely believe that anyone would see such a small thing, much less pick it up. It could be smashed in the parking lot, or hidden beneath shelving, never to be seen again.

When Jaime called the store, he spoke to a woman who said there was an earring in their lost and found box, which resembled a web. In Jaime's mind this did not sound like my earring, but in my mind it did. A woman might describe the earring’s laced design as a web. Jaime again reminded me not to get my “hopes up” because it would take a miracle for me to ever see that earring again.

Well, I knew Spirit was in the Miracle Making Business. It did not matter to Him what the prayer was about, as long as I believed and had released my request for the highest good of all concerned. I had done just that knowing how the power of prayer works.

Jaime drove to the store to investigate the “web” looking earring. He returned, wearing a Cheshire cat smile and holding my lost earring. Oops he had been wrong; heaven had returned my earring. Thank you God-dess.

“What a miracle” I said…Jaime replied, “Well I wouldn’t go that far.” Yet he had said before it would take a miracle to recover the missing earring. I don’t think he truly recognized what he had said. Hmmm?

I witnessed Spirit proving that She does answer prayers, large or small. I know what happened and why. I lost my earring so that I could learn more about letting go and being unattached to things, and Jaime observed a miracle up close and personal.

This experience also confirmed my belief in the goodness of people. Think about all of the people this little incident involved. Take note of the good hearts that cooperated to return the earring. Spirit cares about all things, leaving nothing and no one out. The Divine I serve is a working persons’ God, not a God seated on a throne who judges and condemns His/Her creations. God can use anything to teach us lessons, providing we want to see, learn and grow.

Wisdom Challenge

The next time you need help with something large or small, take a few minutes and send a prayer to the God-dess. Choose to accept the outcome, whatever it may be and take into account the goodness of all those concerned. Miracles often come about through the power of prayer and a willingness to release.

So “miracle or luck,” I will leave this up to you.

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  1. Devonee Hackett

    Oh how awesome! I prefer to think of it as a miracle. I'm sure it warms your heart.

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