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Unwrapping Your Greatest Gift

Happiest Holidays to each of you. This special season is our spiritual opportunity to slow down, get into our hearts, and let go of our often pretentious and unnatural lives. It is time to re-connect with those we love, to celebrate and to re-evaluate how we live. Make sure you set aside time to check in with yourself and ensure you are appreciating this season for the right reasons.

My heart sends you rich blessings for the holidays. My prayer is that your Christmas gift is an increase in awareness. My wish is that you become more in tune with who, and what you are and recognize your own radiance; living the empowered life Spirit has intended for you.

I do not wish for you to have more things. Rather I wish for you to find and bring forth your heart wisdom, and become part of creating this good world the Christ child came to proclaim. You, too, have the right and choice to live the Consciousness of The Christ. Go into your heart to discover more of this wisdom. Honor Christ this Christmas by living the wisdom he taught. Spend time unwrapping the greatest gift you will ever receive… the truth about you, a Divine Child of The Most High. May you recognize your sacred self on Christmas Day as we celebrate this holy birth.

Below is a wonderfully written article by Katherine Saux, a goddess sister whom I respect. When I read her words they resonated with me and gave me new insight, so I wanted to share her message with you. Please enjoy her wise words.

Wisdom Challenge

The holidays can be busy and stressful. During this time, take a few minutes each morning to revisit your heart wisdom; helping you appreciate this season for the right reasons.

Holiday Blessings,


The Season of Love

Christmas is often called a season of love and goodwill, a time when we extend ourselves a bit more to be generous and friendly to one and all. The Dalai Lama teaches that love, or compassion, is inherent in our human nature. It makes sense if you consider that we are created from love in the image of one supreme love that many call God. Love, the eternal flame of our hearts, is part of our DNA. We need it we give it, we thrive in it, we recognize it when we see it. We feel abandoned and bereft if we do not feel loved. So how good it is to know that God cannot help but to love us totally and eternally.

The mystic Mechthild of Magdeburg expresses it beautifully: God desired you before the world began. You. Think about that for a few moments…does it take your breath away? And although you know that if this is true for you, it is true for everyone, that knowing doesn’t make it any less special or empowering. You would not exist if God had not fallen in love with you. Forever. Unlike human relationships, this one is unconditional. It demands nothing and gives all, even when you act out or turn your back or flirt with idols like worldly success. How does it feel to be the beloved of the Most High?

Mechthild of Magdeburg. “And God said to the soul: I desired you before the world began.”

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Written by Katherine Saux for the Science of Mind Magazine. Katherine is a licensed professional practitioner actively serving in the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living in Oakland CA. Katherine is a teacher, writer, facilitator, and communications consultant.

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