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Awakening to Your Soul’s Essence with Bev 1/29 @ 10:30 am

Hello Friends,

I would like to extend a warm invitation to join me Sunday, January, 29th @ 10:30 am for a fascinating presentation on "Awakening to Your Soul's Essence." 

This presentation will be held at the Unity Spiritual Center of Fort Wayne, 3232 Crescent Ave, Fort Wayne, IN  46805 (click for map).

Child care/programs available. (No fee for this presentation. Offering will be taken for the Center)

If you have a longing to connect to that deeper part of you…your soul,mark your calendar for the 29th.

When you are brave enough to see that you are more than a physical body, your "magical life" begins!

Once you have soul awareness, your inner technology is revealed that allows you to tap into Divine Intelligence moment by moment…this transforms your life and sets you FREE!

Please Gather with us. Greet your soul and learn about her/his wisdom.

I can hardly wait to share with you! 



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