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Reach Your 2012 Goals, Part 2

First, did you complete the Wisdom Challenge in my blog for Part One “Reach Your 2012 Goals”? If not, go ahead and review that blog before beginning these steps. If you did, then you are ready to begin Part Two.

Step 1: Engage Your Heart-Mind Connection
Repeat this exercise as needed while you read and follow the steps below.
Seek out a quiet place. Then relax, take a deep breath, and drop into your heart. At that point stretch your body, allowing your heart and mind to merge as one.

Step 2: Find Your Inner Value
Ask yourself: What is my deepest innermost value?

Repeat this question until an answer emerges. Write down any words or short sentences that capture the essence of your values. Repeat the question and continue writing down whatever comes forth, without judgment.

Next, put a star next to the word or sentence that feels the most significant. Say the starred value silently and then aloud for about a minute. How does it feel?

Complete this exercise every morning for a week and chart the changes that occur. Research by Waldman and Newberg shows that asking yourself this question positively impacts the nature of your chosen resolution. (This blog was inspired by the book “How God Changes Your Brain”, by Newberg, M.D and Waldman.)

Step 3: Select Your 2012 Goal
Ask yourself: What are my three deepest goals or desires that I can realistically achieve over the next 11 months?

Write down each answer and then star the one most aligned with your soul’s values. Every day for the next week, repeat the question and write down your different goals. At weeks’ end, set aside ten minutes to reflect deeply on your list. Then allow your heart-mind to help you choose one.

Step 4: Make a Commitment
Ask yourself: Am I willing to commit wholeheartedly to achieving this goal?

Reflect on and modify your goal until it is achievable and you can commit to it fully. While setbacks often happen, you will work through any discouragement if your goal and values are aligned.

Create a daily commitment sheet. Each morning choose to write down and accomplish one small thing bringing you closer to your goal. If you doubt yourself, pause, take a deep breath and re-connect to your heart. Recognize that your fears come from believing that you must do this alone. So reconnect by simply placing your hand(s) over your heart center and being still for a few seconds.

Step 5: Envision Your Goal
Write down your goal in bold letters on a large piece of paper. Look through magazines, catalogs and search the internet for images resonating with your goal. Create a vision board by gluing those images to the paper. Each image neurologically reinforces your commitment to reach your goal. Meditate on your vision board daily and change it as your heart directs you.

In Part three, I will talk about the last steps of this process, enabling you to stay accountable, create an action plan and appreciate your journey.

Wisdom Challenge

Begin setting your 2012 goals with Steps 1 and 2. During those steps, notice how you feel as you relax and seek your mind-heart connection. While a couple of these steps happen in the morning, don’t be surprised if you come up with additional insights later that day. Write them down too.

You’ve got it too!


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