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Reach Your 2012 Goals, with Just a Tweak

Every year many of us sit down and write out our goals for the New Year. Nevertheless, most of our goals never manifest. Based on my personal experience, you typically create a plan and maybe a vision board, or just post pictures of your desired goal on your refrigerator or computer. Our typical goal setting practices need tweaking because this linear (beeline) approach does not work in a fluid Universe.

In this article (Part 1) I will share how you can realize your goals with a tweak or two. Putting these new ideas into practice changed my life dramatically as I began realizing my dreams.

Celebrating the start of a “new” year is an ancient holiday, symbolizing a new beginning…a new birth. In the past, many people throughout the world treated it as an opportunity to inspire their dreams and receive absolution for their mistakes. In many of the world’s religions, the weeks before and after New Year’s Day are also sacred. During these weeks they would meditate or pray, and sometimes honor their intentions with a public and private commitment.

Two leading neuroscientists, Andrew Newberg, MD, and Mark Robert Waldman in their book How God Changes Your Brain illustrate how meditation, an essential step we often leave out, enables us to reach our goals.

“We know, for example, that even three hours of intense meditation can change the structure of the anterior cingulate, a part of the brain that is involved with moral reasoning and compassion. At eleven hours we improve our ability to regulate feelings and emotions that could derail us from reaching a goal. At five days, attention improves and our moods become more positive, which increases our willingness to succeed. By the end of eight weeks of contemplation as our own brain scan studies and others have shown you can see substantial changes in both the structure and functioning of many parts of the brain that are correlated with decreased anxiety and enhance cognition and will power.”

Most people do not accomplish their New Year’s resolutions. Why? Perhaps we simply do not take the time to prepare and meditate on what we truly desire and can reasonably attain. Our modern formula of mixing resolutions with alcohol and partying is not exactly the success formula written down in ancient spiritual texts!

Ancient Wisdom and modern science offer this sage advice. When making your 2012 resolution, first take the time to unite your heart and mind with meditation or reflection, and deliberate carefully. Your heart-mind connection will help you choose a realistic intention that you believe in, soulfully. Then motivate your brain to boost your willpower and execute your intention. (This is usually automatic when you have a mind-heart connection.)

Be ready to interrupt the brain’s propensity for sabotaging your goals. Why? In a word, is it LAZY when not connected to your heart center. Per the neuroscientists, it took a lot of neural energy to build up the habits now holding you back. Your brain would rather nap on the couch, along with your pet. And when your mind is disconnected from the heart, it chooses intentions not essential to your well-being. As such, accomplishing these will not bring you fulfillment. Something is always lacking, when we achieve an intention without involving the heart…soul.

Research discovered that individuals who achieved their goals were not only aware of their desires; every day they employed practices changing how they thought and behaved. Furthermore, those who sought the support of family, friends and colleagues maintained their commitment past six months. The individuals who did not reach their goals typically engaged in wishful thinking and blame.

Based on this research, you too, can turn your resolutions into reality by facilitating a transformational change in your brain. Tweaking your old behavior by adopting the daily practice of stillness fosters the right kind of thinking and activity empowering you to create a year of fulfillment and success…what I call empowered living.

In my next Bev’s Blog (Part 2), I will share ten steps helping you become clearer on what you want to accomplish this year, and how to go about it. Don’t miss it!

Wisdom Challenge

Get started: Quickly write down the first twelve resolutions/goals that come to you. Then crumple up that paper and trash it. Why? That action cleared your mind of the worn out ideas and beliefs tied to old behaviors. Now create a “beginner’s” mind. Tap into the deeper layers of your consciousness where insight and intuition reside…your heart-mind connection, and have a conversation with your soul…then write down your list.

You’ve Got It, Too,


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  1. AboutWisdom

    "Dearest Goddess, how lovely to hear from you.  I get very inspired by your blog, you are a true spiritual warrior and shows us all that whatever life throws at us we will continue with love and courage. It's that strength that we find inside when we meditate, that loving that keeps us going. I don't know what I would have done without my meditation. It makes my day possible, it makes it all bearable now more that anytime with all that is happening in the world.  Thank you for writing, lots of blessings” from your Danish Goddess sister, Nanna

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