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Reach Your 2012 Goals, Part 3

At this point you have hopefully completed Part Two of “Reach Your 2012 Goals.” If not, please do so before beginning Part Three.

Prepare Your Mind
As mentioned before, do not forget to maintain your heart-mind connection as you read and work though these steps. Find a quiet place, relax and take a deep breath, drop into your heart, stretch your body, and allow your heart and mind to merge as one to guide what your soul has in store for you this year.

Step 6: Share Your Goals with Your Community and An Exceptional Friend
Share your goals only with people who support you, wholeheartedly. Also, choose an “accountability partner” who will give you the genuine support you need, versus just saying kind words in an Atta Girl or Atta Boy voice. Be brave. Tell them how you are doing; enabling them to be present for you during your highs and your lows. Ensure they will “call you” on your commitments when you think of giving up.

Step 7: Write Out Your Action Plan
Put aside the standard practice of writing down a detailed action plan with specific dates for each stage. Instead, try the ancient wisdom way of manifesting your goals.

Every year, you may attain goals based on detailed plans. Yet, how often have you achieved a goal that way, and found it’s not what you anticipated? By forcing your desires through a linear, detailed plan, you are not taking advantage of the Universe’s immense creativity and power to propel you towards your goal.

The Universe’s nature is to co-create without restrictions. It desires a partner…not a dictator or project manager. We cannot control or attract its creativity within a rigid format. So with this in mind, loosely describe your goal on paper. State that you want this goal to happen within the next year or so.

Next envision yourself when this goal is accomplished and more importantly envision the person you must be for this goal to come to you…in other words, you do not have to “go get it.” Once you begin becoming that person, your desire will come to you. You still have to work for it using the previous steps. However, the hard work is done once you’ve become the person you envisioned.

Once you empower It, the Universe will give you the first step and after you have taken that step, the second step and so forth will come to you. The Universe is self-organizing, creative and omniscient. When allowed to perform naturally…we all win.

Step 8: Keep a Gratitude and Accomplishment Journal

Each morning jot down things you feel grateful for, and each night note what you did well and why. Those who journal, show improvement in self-esteem and life satisfaction within the first few weeks. A journal is simply a notebook. Just do it.

Step 9: Appreciate Yourself
At the start of each week, choose a small “gift” to give yourself at weeks’ end for accomplishing some part of your goal. Even if you work only a little toward your goal, reward yourself. Being kind to yourself settles down the negative mind chatter that often tries to punish you for a lack of “perfection.”

Now you have a recipe for success…one that works to manifest your New Year’s goals.

It only takes a few minutes each day to put your goals into orbit. And if you add a few minutes of heart-mind connection by stretching and relaxing each hour of the workday, you will improve the functioning of your brain.

Remember, it does not matter how long it takes to reach your goal, because the reward is in the journey and the satisfaction of watching yourself grow.

This blog was inspired by ideas from the book “How God Changes Your Brain”, by Newberg, M.D and Waldman.

Wisdom Challenge

Depending on your progress with Part 2, begin Part 3 by sharing your goals with those closest to you. Talk about your goals with your “accountability” friend and discuss when, and how you will touch base and keep them updated. Establishing how that happens makes it easier for you to share when times are great…and not so great.

You’ve got it too!


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