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Gabe’s Heart Hug™

I would like to share a letter with you from Karen Moussou, a mom who asked me to teach her young son how to mediate and center using the Heart Hug™. Karen had heard that I taught two of my grandsons to meditate at age three.

I believe Karen's letter will inspire you to teach the meditation and the Heart Hug™ to every child you know.

Do children need to learn how to center? Do children feel stress? Yes, they do! Reluctantly, I admit the world is stressful for most people, including our precious children. The Heart Hug™ exercise teaches you to center and to release stress. Try it… you will like it!

I also hope this letter touches your heart as it has mine.

Dear Wisdom Goddess Bev,

I want to share a story with you. With it, I share my gratitude.

You have empowered my son. Not only have you empowered him, I believe you have set him on a path that will help make this world a better place.

When I came to you, I was a frustrated and desperate mom who was struggling to help her son gain control of his emotions. Generally my nine-year boy is fun, sweet, thoughtful, and kind, however, when he feels he has disappointed someone, been reprimanded, met with conflict, or any such negative emotions, he erupts. Mostly, he gets angry with himself.

He has tended to fall apart when dealing with criticism, overwhelming or chaotic situations, or confrontation due, in part, to a medical condition called Sensory Processing Disorder, and a perfectionist streak.

Many things have helped him including: taking him off most prescription asthma medicine, removing food allergy culprits, occupational therapy, counseling, yoga, and alternative medicine and body work. As you can see, we’ve tried it all. Many pieces of the puzzle have come together, but not all.

When I asked you to teach him meditation, I felt a glimmer of hope. He is so eager to improve that he gladly chose to learn meditation with you.

As part of your meditation, you taught Gabe the Heart Hug™. I know you have taught this to many adults and children, but until I saw the dramatic effect it had on my son, I don’t think I really ‘got’ how important it is.

One evening, his big sister was teasing him at dinner and pretending to put teriyaki sauce on his salad. He yelled at her, and pushed the bottle away and as he did, the lid came off and the sauce flooded his salad. He was mad and she was laughing and a tad shocked that her bluff had gone awry. I could see he was building to an eruption, so I put them in separate rooms before talking with him.

“Calm down,” I said.

He came to me with tortured eyes, pleading, “What do I do? I don’t know what to do.” He wanted to handle the situation constructively, but was emotionally overwhelmed.

“Put your hands on your heart,” was my reply. “Take a deep breath and hug your heart.”

He sat down in his chair with his hands on his heart. Within 30 seconds, his tense body began relaxing. “Just keep breathing,” I said. Within a minute, he had regained composure.

I put my face near his and whispered with a smile in my voice, “What are you doing?” He looked back at me calmly, but a bit confused. “I don’t know,” he answered.

I said, “You’re smiling.”

The slight smile, which just minutes before had been on a face filled with frustration, burst into a full-on, light-up-a-room ear-to-ear grin. He recognized he had replaced that flood of turbulent emotions with calm, in a few seconds.

As we shared high-fives and hugs, I knew his journey of self-mastery had just entered a new stage.

Thank you dear Wisdom Goddess Bev for helping empower this sensitive spirit. His life will be richer for your teaching. I pray that this blessing you have passed to him is something that everyone will learn.

With great blessings and gratitude,

Karen Moussou

Wisdom Challenge

Take this opportunity for you to learn and practice the Heart Hug™ for a week, and if you are a parent, teach this valuable practice to your children as well. You can learn how to do a Heart Hug™ here.

I would also dearly appreciate it, if you would email me with your results!

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