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Your Life as a Living Prayer

There comes a time when you can no longer separate your spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, and study from “ordinary” life. The two have merged beautifully together to create one sweet life of love, grace and harmony. You no longer experience a change in your energy when going into prayer or meditation because your life is a Living Prayer. With every breath, you feel one with The Sacred.

This has been my personal experience, and the experiences of others who have shared such extraordinary accounts. To me this is what the Christian Bible means when it tells us to let our lives become a Living Prayer and to pray without ceasing.

Metaphorically speaking, our life is a Living Prayer when we live with one foot on earth and the other in Heaven. We see Heaven from Earth. We feel Heaven on Earth. We know Heaven on Earth, and we bring Heaven to Earth, for others and ourselves, by being a Living Prayer.

When our lives are a Living Prayer, the days are effortless, but we are not exempt from the world’s troubles and situations. We simply know the truth in each moment and it sets us free. We live an empowered and liberated life. We know the difference between what is real, and the great cosmic play on Earth. We still have our worldly issues; however, we have given up attachment to the outcomes, so we see clearly through the drama games the world plays.

Living your life as a prayer, allows you to see there is no separation between God and Creation or Heaven and Earth. The sweetness, compassion, awareness, love, and joy you experience in your spiritual practices, is now a part of your everyday life. You experience God continually…never feeling a part. You, yourself, are the holy place. You have seen the Light and no amount of darkness can change your knowingness or gnosis.

Begin your journey to becoming a Living Prayer by scheduling a spiritual practice into your day. Create your practice from your heart wisdom. If you already have a practice, then do not STOP. Continue. Eventually your life, too, will become a Living Prayer.

Wisdom Challenge

Select and set aside a daily time for your spiritual practice. Create a sacred space in your home, your heart, and your mind for these occasions. Be faithful. Commit. Make your spiritual practice a ritual, not unlike your daily morning routines as you prepare for the day. Add your spiritual practice to your daily rituals. Be empowered. Share it with others. The world is waiting for your gifts of wisdom.

Everyone needs to have their own spiritual practice, so his or her life can become a Living Prayer.

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