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A Beverley Danusis Presentation: Hagia Sophia, Holy Wisdom 4-29-12

As we desperately seek balance and peace in our world many of us are searching for what is missing. Most are into blame. I believe the issue comes from the neglect of Hagia Sophia, Holy Wisdom. We have put her aside to take the ego path instead of the heart path.

Please join me on April 29th, as I share how to reinstate Holy Wisdom into your life.

Wisdom…You've Got It, Too™!



Hagia Sophia (means Holy Wisdom)

Sunday, April 29th

10:30 am – 12:00 pm


Unity of Fort Wayne Spiritual Center
3232 Crescent Ave
Fort Wayne, IN

Benefits: an empowered, passionate, fulfilled life.

There is no fee for this presentation, only an offering for the Center.

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