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My heart was touched by your inspiring and uniting message


"Dear Beverley,

My heart was touched by your inspiring and uniting message on Saturday.  Something I especially appreciated was the insight that honoring the feminine principle does not mean ignoring or demeaning the valuable role that men with heart can bring to a united effort to transform our planet into a sacred place. That is such a valuable part of your message and one which corroborates my experience of partnering for 23 years with a husband who seeks every day to be awake. I was also powerfully struck by the central theme that it is UNNATURAL for women to compete, back-bite, betray, gossip about each other.  Your story of the little girl in your circle created a stunning portrait of the authenticity of supportive and loving relationships between females.  Your words wove pictures in my mind which I am carrying in my heart and have shared with both my husband, Richard, and my other best friend, our 26 year old daughter, Andrea. 

When I was thinking of you today, I wondered if you had ever read Tatterhood and Other Tales:Stories of Magic and Adventure.  These are stories of spirited females, and it was a favorite of Andrea. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend considering it in your work. 

I feel confident that our paths will merge again and look forward to it. Until then, may your work be blessed.

Warm regards,
Teresa Johnson
(Right Relations, Inc,  volunteer)"

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