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Reconnecting to Our Souls

We can no longer afford to live from our ego-minds, creating more harm, chaos, and destruction in the world.  Each one of us must awaken to his and her soul, and live from that deeper place within, creating purposefully and wisely.

The soul lives and creates with wisdom for the benefit of everyone and everything.  Too many things, businesses, and relationships are generated without our soul’s guidance.  Consequently these “creations” are soul-less, useless, and even dangerous, contributing to the struggles, and pain in our lives and in the world.

You can transform your life and the world by beginning to reconnect to your soul.  Begin with five minutes each day. Dedicate and devote a special place, and time to being still, to reflect, to listen, to commune, and if you have time jot down your experiences.

The above is the process to reconnect to your soul.  Stay committed and your soul will speak to you, and guide you to that joyful life you are yearning.

Wisdom…You've Got It, Too™!

Wisdom Goddess Bev

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