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Meditating the Feminine Way

Allow me to share with you the definition of interactive or active meditation.

There are two main ways to meditate in our culture. I call one the patriarchal method and the other one the feminine way.

The patriarchal method is where you become silent and sit still. You sit in a particular position. You hold your hands in a specified manner. The practice to some degree is rigid and routine. It has guidelines that you need to follow in order to quiet the mind and be successful. You may begin with a chant or mantra until your mind is stilled. You see darkness, or if you are blessed, a purple light. You remain in that place and position for as long as you can or have chosen to meditate. The objective of this method of meditation is to stop the mind from its chatter, or the very least to quiet the mind and let your thoughts pass by. If thoughts seduce your attention, once you realize this, let them go and re-center. Some teachers promote using a mantra to help refocus. This style of meditation does bring about peace and it is not wrong. It is just one way to meditate and there are many.

The Feminine or Wisdom’s Way to meditate is a soft, colorful, and fluid approach – no rigid formalities. Your intent is to have a conversation with your soul and the Sacred. You sit in a comfortable position, anywhere. Focus in your heart-center, and allow the energy to carry you to where it wants to go.

It is a good thing to begin your meditation by following your heart. Your heart knows the way to mediate and the way back Home. You may start out by singing, dancing, reciting a poem, offering thanksgiving, praising, loving God-dess, slow-stretching, beating a drum, listening to music, or walking a labyrinth, etc. You do not have to sit still to meditate. What is necessary is to become One with what you are doing. This could be called the secret. Your intention is to have a conversation and connection with your soul and The Sacred.

You do not necessarily pray during meditation, but you may desire to begin your practice with a prayer, why not! This may make it easier to get started. Begin with something you are comfortable with, a prayer or praying. Remember the Feminine Way is to write or create your own, so called rules, for your spiritual practice. There is no one over you or in charge telling you how to do it, except your soul.

Below is a link of a meditation that I facilitated on 1.19.13. Be forewarned, it is lengthy. Use as much of the guided meditation as your soul guides. There were 40 people present for this event, and it was also available to others via a webinar. Feel free to share it. My prayer is that you wake up to know your soul and to remember… you were born with innate Wisdom, enough to empower you to live your soul’s dream of who and what you are and to deliver your gifts to the planet.

Bev's Meditation from 1-19-2013


Part 2 next week: Meditation the Feminine Way.

P.S. Please join me and be a part of Bringing Wisdom back into the World! She’s been missing but is now returning. You can be a participant to usher Her in by connecting to your own heart Wisdom and teach others how to as well. The world needs authentic Wisdom. The world needs your Wisdom. I am not referring to the old worn out traditional patriarchy staunch wisdom, rather Living Wisdom, a Wisdom that flows constantly to us as we need it and is always good for All!

Wisdom, You Got It, Too™!


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