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Simple Wisdom for Your Soul: You Cannot Stop Your Mind

You do not have to stop your mind to meditate. The truth is few can. You simply allow the words to be present, you do not resist them, you watch them flow by, without engaging, and you continue to offer love and appreciation to God-dess.

Once you find your still point in your heart-center through the action of love and appreciation, you will begin to rise above your mind’s chatter.  Eventually, you will begin to see that you are not your mind; rather it is a wonderful tool you get to use. You will note that the mind is a separate component from you. Do not let this frighten you. You are a soul, who uses the mind, like a piece of technology; therefore, you can teach yourself to move beyond it, or ignore it, and meet your soul, the real you, and God-dess in your meditation.

If you resist the mind, it will give you a difficult time. Often it will win. The mind is clever and intelligent. Better to ignore and allow it to chatter, than fight it. Jesus taught to resist not. I believe his Wisdom could include meditation, regarding the mind. Make the mind your friend; allow it to be, lest you strengthen it.

You will learn how to move onward and upward in your meditation, in spite of the mind’s noise, through giving and receiving love to the Sacred. This interaction of love is paramount to experiencing new awareness and wholeness. During the sacred exchange of love, you come to know that you are a soul exploring and experiencing Earth. The interaction with your soul and Spirit/God-dess causes you to become increasingly aware.

Another type of meditation, not to be confused with the Feminine Way, is guided meditation or creative visualization. This is used frequently in New Age and New Thought practices. This type of meditation usually has an agenda, intention, and a mission. It is not wrong. It is just another way to meditate.

There are numerous spiritual paths and each leads Home. We must be brave and create our “own way” to awake up and know we are souls. The above information is my experience …a guide that I hope inspires you to follow your inner wisdom to create your meditation practice.

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Wisdom Teacher Bev

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