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Simple Wisdom for Your Soul: We Have Forgotten…

A challenge many of us face today is that we have forgotten how sacred we are. This comes about from being disconnected from the Sacred. The simple practice of heart centering, finding the still point within, will empower us, and remind us of our sacredness.

When we take time to center, we also are reminded of who, what, and why we exist. Centering inspires us to choose wisdom through-out our day. It only takes a few minutes to connect to the Sacred, and our inner wisdom. The reward for spending quiet time enables us to live an empowered life all day long.

From the depths of the heart flows our truth, purpose, wisdom, guidance-system, etc. Surely we can lay aside a little time each day for such a prize.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!
Beverley Danusis

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