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13231007-guanyin-the-goddess-of-mercy-god-sanya-hainan-worship-nanshan-temple“It matters not the path one chooses to live or to follow back Home. One may find Me anywhere and everywhere by simply studying anyone or anything or any object. You will find Me in the silence of each thing or each one. Choose a flower, bird, human, or a stone. Examine from the heart’s perspective, wisdom, and understanding. Either one will point, not only the path back Home to Me but will teach you how to live.”

“Whether you choose to see Me in a Church, Temple, Mosque, Nature, etc., I Am the same. I Am the Primordial Feminine Silence of Existence, which dwells at the center – foundation – of All Things.”

“Be you male or female, by being or sitting with anything or anyone for a period of time, I will be revealed to you.”

“I Am not a mystery. I Am only perceived to be mysterious; I Am obvious, in the forefront, always interacting with you.”

“When you pay attention to any life form or even what you call inanimate objects, I Am there. I Am ever present, only hidden from impatience.”

Sophia Speaks

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