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Hello Wisdom Friends,

Allow me to introduce a friend, Reverend Shamsuddin Jim Norton, who taught me to have more joy in my life.  He invited me to integrate spiritual song and dance into my daily meditation practice of 25 years.

This experience enhanced my spiritual practice so much that I have decided to integrate it into my Wisdom seminars and share it with you. Jim taught me that The Sacred must be experienced as well as be with Her in the silence. Experiencing God-dess in song, dance, prayer and meditation is nothing short of pure bliss.

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I now invite you to read Jim's story of his introduction to Sing Dance Pray.

Sing and Dance Your Prayer

“Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.”  Psalm 96: 1

I grew up as a semi-shy teenager.  My small crowd was the ‘nerd squad’.  We ran the sound equipment at the high school dances, standing off to the side, judging what we labeled as ridiculous gyrations and monkey movements.  It would not be until my thirties that I discovered dancing from the inside.

It would not be until my forties that I discovered the sheer joy and magic of The Dances of Universal Peace.  My best friend, Randy and I had been leading Handbook to Higher Consciousness classes in our local schools’ adult education programs.  For almost six months, Randy tried to convince me to attend these Dances with him.  Finally, I surrendered to his ongoing insistence.  We attended in the basement of some mainline Lutheran Church.  It just so happened that the dance leader had chosen a majority of Muslim dances that evening.  I distinctly remember thinking as I left, “This is a front to introduce Islam in the United States."  But I also remember, feeling, “OMG, I want more of this!”

Attending the Dances just one time had broken open my worshipful abundant heart and I hungered for more!  I began attending trainings to become a dance leader.  At the same time, I learned to drum for these incredible Dances.  Eventually, I learned to drum and lead at the same time.  I continue to give great thanks and to celebrate and share the loving power of these Dances of Universal Peace.

Beverley has invited me to invite you to experience these authentic body prayers.  So it is with both excitement and humility that I announce that Bev and I will be adding chanting/dancing/singing to her future workshops.  These dances can change your life as they have mine.  Be sure to sign up for the next Wisdom Seminar/Workshop that Beverley offers.

Reverend Shamsuddin Jim Norton

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