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Many of you have asked me what's my spiritual belief. Today I want to share it with you. I do not believe in proselytizing, this is not my intention rather I am sharing because you are curious. I encourage you to keep your own faith and make sure it is based on unconditional Love.

I believe all religions are good …minus the dogma. The foundation that religions have been built on is Love but once the dogma is added the religions deviate from their first teaching … unconditional love. This then becomes problematic.

IGoddess Sophia am an ordained minster and wisdom teacher. My particular belief is of the Wisdom Tradition or the Sophianic Tradition. This belief is centered on inward spiritual realizations and on the guidance of the Holy Wisdom or Sophia to awaken each one to understand he or she is a sacred soul with a purpose.

Who or what is Sophia? Sophia is Greek for Feminine Wisdom. The root word of philosophy, the Love of Wisdom, and theosophy, the Wisdom of God, is Sophia.

Sophia has always been seen as feminine energy, or as God-dess, and is described in the Book of Wisdom as "a holy and intelligent spirit, unique, yet manifold, subtle, free, lucid, pure, clear, harmless, loving the good, eager, beneficent and kind, steady, inerrant, free from care, all- powerful, all-seeing, and all-permeating, through intelligent, pure and delicate spirits. Wisdom moves more easily than motion itself, pervading, all things because she is pure."

Sophia is often seen in visions as physical forms, such as the Holy Mother, Lady of Guadalupe or Sacred Virgin, etc. Sophia is the Ceaseless Creative Principle always reappearing in new and different forms. She takes form whenever needed yet She remains the Creative Principle of Life.

Wisdom is written about throughout most holy books, particularly in the Old Testament Bible, which I am very familiar with. Translators of the Bible changed Wisdom from a "person" to an attribute of God or Christ in the New Testament. I believe this took some intestinal fortitude on their part or they were simply ignorant and shouldn't have been translating such important knowledge. This grave misinterpretation changed the way the entire world looked and continues to look on women or the feminine, including nature.

When a person desires to read the Wisdom Books of the Bible, including those omitted, with his or her inner eye and listen with his or her inner ear, Sophia will reveal Herself. More later…

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!
Beverley Danusis

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