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Take a Bite of this Apple

Somewhere along the way women fell into a deep, deep sleep via some magic potion, like the characters: “Snow White,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Belle” etc. We have forgotten who and what we are. We started living in a trance, some of us in nightmares. We lost our passion, zeal, and aliveness.

Snow WhiteMany of us left our bodies due to harm inflicted upon us. Instead of living the Beautiful Dream that The Creator had in mind for us, we began to live the Nightmare…many of us still do.

Millions of women still wake up daily feeling powerless, empty, and even ugly, regardless of their status, education, or appearance. This can no longer stand! I feel passionate about this issue, thus my soul’s work.

Daily, I have an urge to shout to women everywhere, “Wake Up!”  Wake up to your inner goddess wisdom. Listen to your soul’s song. Go, transform the world, for this is your divine calling, gift, birthright, and blessing. Don’t be afraid to use your feminine wisdom, Sophia. Stop apologizing for your intuition…your inner-knowing!  Embrace the goddess within and celebrate your radiant self.

Today is the day to open your eyes, WAKE UP and own the antidote, inner wisdom. Live your dreams. Explore and relish self-discovery. Know the truth about you and celebrate your power, place and innate beauty.

How bout those apples!

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