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The women’s movement has gone through many phases and we have come a “long way baby,” but the truth remains millions of women, worldwide, still suffer enormously from self-acceptance issues and do not feel empowered, which wreaks havoc on our society. These women’s issues are “passed down” through generations, which is why we remain trapped in our present precarious state. There is a lack of appreciation of the feminine qualities, worldwide.

perfect_as_youMy heart aches that millions of females still wake up every day with a voice in their heads that says, “I’m not beautiful, I’m not enough,” and a feeling that they are powerless. Regardless of their background, these words are ringing in their heads, and the evasive and haunting image of that ideal beauty, or perfect woman, still lives on, and on, and on…Ideal beauty is an illusion – a fantasy!

The responsibility falls upon women and girls to collectively agree that we must abandon this unattainable apparition and empower each other to love and accept ourselves just as we are. We must be willing to re-create what we have become.

I believe the most significant accomplishment is to learn to love and accept our beauty, power, wisdom, and to wake up and know we are Born Goddesses™. Goddesses? Yes, Goddesses! Feel it. Own it. It even feels good as the word goddess rolls off your tongue.

Try it. “I am a goddess. I AM A GODDESS!  It feels good doesn’t it?

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!
Beverley Danusis

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