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Hear that Call?

Wisdom is calling many of us to come forward right now to lead the way to healing the world. First we must heal ourselves and then help each other.

Wisdom has asked us to step up, speak out and take back our power using our heart wisdom. We cannot do this until we are whole.

We must take a stand and say to the world, “Stop the insanity. No more animosity toward one another!" We can do this…together…speaking as one body, One Soul of The Sacred Light.

An unsettling question though is, "How can we take on such a monolithic task unless we unite our hearts and minds with the intention to love, trust, and support each other for the greater good?"

your-time-is-nowYes, there are many who still slumber under the numbness of the world preventing them from knowing the truth of who they are. We must gently nudge our human family encouraging each one to WAKE-UP!  For this is our calling.

The time is now. The energy is right. The new consciousness is here supporting our work.

A major period in history will be ordinary people, rising up, owning their power, taking their places to liberate the world.

We can create this good world we innately know to be possible…the one promised by many great teachers. Won’t you please join me?


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