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Many of you have inquired, therefore, I am doing my best to be clear when writing about the texture and essence of Real Wisdom. It is not easy to describe the indescribable, but here goes…

Real Wisdom is fresh, fluid, and feminine in nature – It is vibrant and dynamic. Real Wisdom is not written down in any form – stagnant rules and acquired knowledge, neither is it judgmental. It is vibrant, connected to our souls, and available to each of us daily as we allow.

Goddess AthenaWisdom can be recognized or known as a feeling (not to be confused with emotions), a sensing, and/or an awareness that takes one over.  Wisdom is self-evident and empowering.

Wisdom is beyond the mind – an intuitive experience – rather than reading about It from someone else’s decreed perspective. When we try to capture Wisdom, and put It in a bottle and sell It, the essence fades, the quintessential message is lost; however, books, articles, any type of media…will get us started with information, knowledge, and traditional or conventional wisdom. It is paramount to understand that these are but building blocks, and guidelines to uncover our own innate Wisdom.

All flows forth out of Wisdom and It is One and the same as All That Is. Wisdom and Word, Light and Sound, cannot be separated, for they are The One Sacred Permeating Intelligence of All Life.

May you have a blessed and safe Labor Day Week-end!

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!
 Bev Danusis

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