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One Day I Woke up!

One day I woke up and decided to be myself. The realization swept over me that for too many years I had been a creation of the "patriarchy" or "man-made". I was not living the life of an authentic woman, one Created by Wisdom, The Sophia, God-dess of All.

This "call" was a kick to my emotional booty, and it stirred up nerve to become the woman I was designed to be. Soon fearlessness and joy simultaneously took me over, and I began to thrive from my heart's guidance.

Instead of following the "male model" of how a woman should be, which BTW is still in power more than most woman dare to think, I trusted my inner wisdom and created an "envious life" of doing what I loved, which produced passion and fulfillment. I did this without too much condemnation of the old system and certainly no apology.

To this day women still ask me why I am so happy, carefree and full of life. They sometimes think I am taking some super vitamin or tonic. It is not a pill, tonic or the power of positive thinking, rather I took back my life from those who made up laws about how "I should be" or "supposed to be." I began living from my feminine soul. I started living like a real woman not a "made up one." And yes, sometimes I am not "lady like," and once in a while I have been known to say a naughty word or two. (P.S. "lady like" was coined by the patriarchy)

That "old system" is still out there after all of the years of women like me "preaching against it"…bringing awareness regarding how it can destroy the heart of a woman. But there are so many more of us who have set ourselves free, and living a natural life as God-dess intended, making a huge contribution to the world. The good news is that many women are following in our well formed foot steps.

This message is for women and girls who are still intimated by that ugly old power, that likes to tell you how to "be." Today I want to encourage, inspire and even educate you to take back your power, your life and follow your truth, as this is the only thing you can truly trust. If you are unhappy and bored out of your ever lov'N mind, then do something about it. Take action and break out of those chains of limitation, and find your inner goddess and listen to her wisdom.

What's wrong with a person taking charge of his or her life? That's empowerment! If there was anything "wrong"…it was the length of time it took me to wake up.

I can save you a lot of pain, stress, and time by sharing what I learned along my journey, recorded in my DVD filmed by PBS called, "Empowered Living: Embracing the Goddesses Within."  Click here to purchase.

If you need some help waking up, check out the above video, and read "The Dance of the Dissident Daughter" by Sue Monk Kidd. The wisdom contained in this book and my video will give you all the encouragement and power-tools you need to set yourself FREE.

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