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The heart always knows what’s right – our mind never knows unless it is having an affair with our heart.

My personal experience for over 30 years, of trying to empower myself and other persons, has taught me that living from the heart is the only way to live a happy, successful, fulfilled, and balanced life. Living life derived only from my mind, makes me nuts.

awakenI have participated in numerous motivational meetings/seminars; have read tons of books; watched numerous videos and listened to more DVD’s than I can count; been professionally coached by therapists, ministers, and famous people – yet nothing has impacted me like awakening to my own heart wisdom. When one awakens to his or her heart wisdom it is lasting empowerment.

Why aren’t we taught more about personal wisdom? When we learn how to live from our inner wisdom, truth is, we don’t need anyone or anything else. This doesn’t mean we don’t need others in our lives, we can value others’ opinions and information; however, we must rely upon our own wisdom to govern our lives. This is the perfect form of independence, which then liberates us to be interdependent with each other.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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