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War or Wisdom?

Many of you have asked me from time to time, "How can I make a difference in the world? I really want to.”   Here's your opportunity, right now, staring you in the face. Pick up the phone and call your senators and representatives and say “NO” to bombing Syria. You know that more violence is not the answer.

Your voice counts. Don’t allow your inner critic to control what you know needs to be done. What are you waiting for? You are powerful. You are intelligent. You’ve got wisdom too. You know down deep inside what’s right. A good exercise today may be to ask yourself, “Why am I not taking action?  Why am I not listening to my inner voice? Where’s my courage? What’s happened to me?"

God works through us. We are the Sacred’s hands, mouthpieces and bodies. Use your instrument to take the right action. Shake yourself from the deep slumber Americans have fallen into. Use your inner power to catapult you into doing what’s right. You have the power to stop this war. Will you do it?

Ask yourself, “Why have I become complacent?” "Why have I allowed the government to take over and control and ruin the lives of so many of us?"

Has our government truly been so dissimilar to Syria in controlling people? How many American's are hungry today? How many Americans are out of jobs? How many Americans are sick without medical care? How many veterans are hurting? Need I say more?

powerful-beyond-measureHave you not felt the hypnotic gases of manipulations that have leaked over us for years…slowly rocking us to sleep? I am speaking about the government and not just one political party. Our government has put us to sleep without us even knowing it. At least Syria is brazen and out front about their poisoning. Have you had enough of Congress messing with your life, friends, family? If so, then do something about it. You have the power! The People have the Power!

I encourage you today to find time to pray and meditate about the proposed bombing, and then follow your heart. There is no spiritual leader, of any religion, who ever taught that violence is the answer to violence. Wisdom is the answer to violence.

Wake up! Shake complacency, or fear, whatever is holding you back. This is your time to do something good for the world, yourself and family. This is the time to use your power for the good of all.  Pick up the phone and let your voice be heard. Encourage others to do the same. Get on social networks and speak about peace, love and not war.

Be a part of empowering others to take action and not just talking about the issue. Become a part of something bigger than just your own world. Join millions in prayer around the world for the awakening of each senator and representative to use his and her conscience, hearts, and not for personal agendas. This bombing action is not what is good for the whole but again what is good for a few.

YOU are more powerful than you may realize. Your voice counts so let it be heard, in a civil way, not in anger, but with compassion and love for all life.

By using your inner wisdom and speaking out today you will see how we can change this horrific situation. You will realize your power of influence. Your soul is calling you to be who and what you are right now…will you heed this call?

Our hearts and minds must unite with each other as human beings regardless of our faith, and do the right thing. We must unite as the Human Family. There is only One Divine Source, regardless of what you call "IT,” and we are all praying to the same Sacred One…so let's join as brothers and sisters, of the human race, and stop this nonsense. Bombing…war…is not the intelligent thing to do.

There is a right way to handle this egregious act by Syria’s so called "leaders"…more violence seems an archaic response. Aren’t we wiser than this? By bombing Syria how does this make the U.S. a world leader…leader of what?

May we each be blessed and awaken to the truth of our own being. May we follow our powerful and wise hearts and take action in the name of Love.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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