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The women’s movement has gone through many phases and we have come a “long way baby,” but the truth remains millions of women, worldwide, do not feel empowered, and still suffer enormously from self-acceptance issues, which wreaks havoc on our society. These women’s issues are “passed down” through generations, which is why we remain trapped in our present precarious state. There remains a lack of appreciation of the feminine qualities, worldwide.

My heart aches that millions of females still wake up every day with a voice in their heads that says, “I’m not beautiful, I’m not enough,” and a feeling that they are powerless. Regardless of their background, these words are ringing in their heads, and the evasive and haunting image of that ideal beauty, or perfect woman, still lives on, and on, and on…Ideal beauty is an illusion – a fantasy!

The responsibility falls upon women and girls to collectively agree we must abandon this unattainable apparition and empower each other to love and accept ourselves just as we are. We must be willing to re-create what we have become.

I believe the most significant accomplishment is to learn to love and accept our beauty, power, wisdom, and to wake up and know we are Born Goddesses™Goddesses?  Yes, Goddesses!  Feel it. Own it. It even feels good as the word goddess rolls off your tongue.

Try it. “I am a goddess. I AM A GODDESS!” It feels good doesn’t it?

Every woman has innate wisdom. Yes, you heard right. Innate – we are born with it. I have a tagline on my website:, which I adore and it is fitting to share now: You’ve Got It, Too!™  Yes, wisdom flows through your veins.

This wisdom is the genesis of our inner power and a fulfilled life. Our inner goddess wisdom is the fuel that inspires and encourages our spiritual evolution.

Invitation: A special warm invitation to my goddess sisters of West Virginia to attend my upcoming live event, “An Empowerment Workshop for Women: Embrace Your Inner Goddesses!” on Nov 9th.  If you do not live close enough to drive to this event, would you be so kind to help me empower other women by either posting this information or forwarding it to your family and friends who live within driving distance. TU for helping me help other women. Together we can do this!


An Empowerment Workshop for Women: Embracing Your Inner Goddesses!

DATE: Saturday, November 9, 2013

                   Over $90 value!

Please bring your receipt with you if you register online.

REGISTRATION: 9:00 am to 9:45 am
WORKSHOP TIME: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
(Workshop begins on time)

WHERE:  Fayetteville UMC
               120 High Street
               Fayetteville, WV  25840


To Register:
Visit: or
Call: 260-602-7866 or
Email: or
Mail a check to: (made payable to Beverley Danusis)
Beverley Danusis
700 Northwestern Ave
Beckley, WV  25801

Coffee and Tea will be supplied.

Is there something within your heart that nudges you to learn new ways to live? Develop fresh skills? Make some changes? Be more alive and positive? Heal yourself? Let go of stuff that weighs you down & holds you back?

If your answer is YES to any of the above, this workshop is for you!


  • Uncover what psychologists call your inner goddess gifts.
  • Learn to trust and use your heart wisdom.
  • Replace negative behaviors with positive ones that support fulfilling your dreams.
  • Discover tools to let go, de-stress, and bring balance into your life.
  • Improve your communication skills.

Bev Danusis is an acclaimed speaker and award-winning author. As an ordained minister, she teaches and inspires women about their inner radiance, beauty, power, and goddess wisdom gifts. Bev went from welfare and abuse to abundance and freedom. Her mantra is “You’ve Got It, Too™!”  Discover Bev and her work:


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