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Power vs Force. Goddess vs Princess. Freedom vs Confinement

Owning our inner goddesses is not about having power or force to control, command, manipulate, act supreme, or to dominate others. That is a passé hierarchal paradigm of power, such as prince/princess or queen/king archetypes. These archetypes are dissolving old forms of power that no longer work in a growing conscious of Oneness.

Embracing our inner goddesses is about knowing and connecting to power of wisdom, and how to use it. Goddess power allows others to have power too.  It is an empowering-loving energy that flows from us to others.

Goddess power is growing and women all over the world are claiming it. Every woman has inner wisdom, inner goddesses and can benefit greatly by learning how to open up to them.

You may learn more about your individual inner goddess power by taking the Goddess Quiz on my site.

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