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An Ode to the Crone Goddess

Goddess HestiaFor eons, people sought counsel from older women. For some odd reason, that has stopped – we have suffered since from this ignor-ance.

Women over 60 years of age have lived long enough to know what’s really going on in life. For centuries older women were respectfully called “crones” which then meant wise woman. These were everyday women, not saints, who had deep wisdom to share with others. Their wisdom would save others from much pain and time spent foolishly.

Older women were honored and revered for their life experiences. People knew their value and would sit at their feet for hours to glean wisdom from their experiences and stories.

Crones are alive and full of wisdom even today. Few people ask them questions for they have forgotten about the wisdom that dwells deeply within an older woman, a wisdom goddess, who could hold a piece of knowledge they need right now in their lives. The crones are waiting – few have bothered to ask. What a priceless resource to waste!

These gifted women…

…have lived long enough to know “what the hell is really going on!”

…have no fear of authorities or powers that be.

…say what they want, do what they want, and go where they want.

know that they know and have a mysterious attitude to prove it

…laugh at life and themselves with fearless abandonment.

…are alive, juicy, and live a deliciously magical life.

…speak their minds and individuals listen – or wish they had.

…wear the Mona Lisa smile, ”I know something that you don’t know.”

…give no energy to pettiness.

…eagerly share when sought out.

…allow their inner child to laugh and play.

…feel pain and joy simultaneously yet understand one does not exist without the other.

…accept life as it is and don’t try to make it something that it isn’t.

…have compassion and passion toward all life.

…see good in the worse situation and people.

…say, “No,” guiltlessly and freely.

…know the power of their wisdom, love, and radiance – and aren’t afraid to show it.

I am honoring – the Crone Goddesses of the World. For too long we have not been appreciated and respected for all we do or all that we are.

It is time to seek out the Crones in our lives, and listen to their wisdom. I promise they will save you years of wasted time, energy, and suffering.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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